Part 1: Recognizing LIT Lighting Design Award Winners

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Part 1: Recognizing LIT Lighting Design Award Winners

Feb 19, 2024 | News & Events, Products

We were thrilled to see many TLA-represented manufacturers receive recognition by the LIT Lighting Design Awards.

The winners showcase designs that redefine the present and offer a glimpse into the future of cutting-edge lighting trends.

This marked the 7th edition of the awards, which attracted over 800 submissions from 58 countries. A distinguished panel of 45 professionals, including architects, interior designers, academics, and media representatives in the lighting industry, evaluated the entries, selecting those that exemplified outstanding creativity and innovation.


LIT Awards winner Hydrel Flame


Hydrel claimed the prestigious Lighting Product Design of the Year 2023 award for their FLAME Lighting Technique. FLAME is a unique lighting technique with two beams in one luminaire—a central beam and an outer beam that blends harmoniously.

Keep scrolling for the highlights, and talk to your TLA Sales Rep about including some of these excellent luminaires in your projects this year.

Hydrel: Flame

LIT 23 Winner in Landscape Lights / Outdoor Spotlights and Lighting Product Design of the Year Award

Design has a new Flame! FLAME combines a patent-pending optical engine construction with engineering excellence to create a new play on RGBW. FLAME is currently available with the SAF7, SAF14, and SAF28 Architectural Family.



FLAME offers three distributions that create accent gradient effects in one fixture. With its 30° outer beam & 10° central beam, NARROW FLAME highlights vertical forms and surfaces such as trees, facades, and columns, creating an added sense of depth. NARROW FLAME will captivate architectural elements with an accent gradient effect when fixtures need to be spaced apart as individual beams.

WIDE FLAME creates a blended gradient effect with its 70° outer beam & 30° central beam. Showcase playful, blended textured surfaces, or emphasize an intentional spill on overhangs with WIDE FLAME. Uplight support columns with intentional spill for roadway underside canopies, arches, or spotlight for a smooth gradient effect across foliage.


Hydrel Flame lighting a bridge


Create a dramatic lighting effect along a wall or on an overhang with LOTUS FLAME. It offers a 70° outer beam & 10° central beam- LOTUS FLAME creates stark, intentional individual columns while washing the overall façade.

FLAME lighting technique is available with the SAF7, SAF14 & SAF28.

Photo credit: Hydrel


Mark Architectural Lighting: Magellan

LIT 23 Winner in Ambient Lighting

MAGELLAN™ is a new family of large-format, architectural, circular luminaires. Magellan luminaires deliver a clean, modern style across various sizes and configurations and offer multiple features and aesthetics that provide visual comfort in architectural spaces.


LIT Awards winner Magellan luminaire MARK Architectural Lighting


The Magellan family has evolved to include pendants, ceiling-surface, recessed ceiling luminaires, and surface and recessed wall-mounted solutions. These new luminaires are designed to be impeccably clean with no seams or visual disruptions in their circular form. The result is an elegant drum-style luminaire that appears to be carved from one solid form.


MARK Architectural Lighting Magellan in modern lobby


Magellan is designed with a focus on delivering the highest quality of lighting performance. From 600 to 48,500 lumens, Magellan can provide soft illumination for an intimate setting or fill large volumes from high above, making it one of the most potent and versatile indoor architectural luminaires today.

Featuring nLight® and nLight AIR control options, Magellan luminaires are simple to specify, design, install, and set up. Unlock network capabilities like firmware updates, advanced scheduling, remote programming, and BACnet® integration with nLight-enabled luminaires. Optional eldoLED® proprietary driver technology creates seamless transitions for flicker-safe deep-dimming.

Photo credit: Mark Architectural Lighting

Eureka: Tangram-Cut

LIT 23 Winner in Decorative Accent Lamps

Tangram-Cut is defined by bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured into various geometries using spacers that pull in or push out the straps to create striking shapes. A flat power cable is fully concealed inside the strap.


Eureka Lighting Tangram Cut luminaire


Precision machining from a solid glass block gives the Tangram-Cut pendant its striking, jewel-like feel. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave bottom help to diffuse light from the 8-inch diameter luminaire.


Eureka Tangram Cut receives LIT Awards


The unique aesthetic is suited to luxurious environments such as high-end hospitality settings. Designers can choose a clear or frosted finish and a range of outputs; depending on the selected combination, Tangram-Cut delivers from 1,216 to 2,500 lumens.

Photo credit: Eureka Lighting


Edison Price: Infinity

LIT 23 Winner in Designer/Custom Lighting

Infinity represents a groundbreaking lighting innovation, introducing the ability to gracefully manipulate light across multiple dimensions. It pioneers the seamless manipulation of light, allowing for effortless bending and shaping on a multi-dimensional canvas.

Edison Price InfinityLIT Awards winner Infinity luminaire Edison Price in modern office space

This cutting-edge system enables the creation of various forms by seamlessly integrating rigid linear, curved, and twisted modules in a single configuration. Moreover, each module offers diverse light source orientations, granting the versatility of vertical, horizontal, and multi-directional illumination

By ingeniously manipulating perspectives, this installation sparks a captivating journey through a realm where light becomes a dynamic storyteller, engaging with architecture in ways never imagined. Learn more.

Photo credit: Edison Price Lighting


Gotham: EVO®/Incito™ 4” and 6” Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders

LIT 23 Winner in Hanging Lights & Lamps

Gotham introduces three new emergency battery backup options for cylinders for the EVO and Incito product families: integral battery, remote sidecar, and recessed gear housing. Each cylinder emergency backup option was designed with an intuitive test switch location for easy access for maintenance and a consistent visual experience between emergency and non-emergency cylinders.

Gotham Evo Incito

The industry’s first integral battery pack option for 4” and 6” cylinders is engineered to incorporate an emergency battery into the cylinder without needing a power canopy. The integral battery backup solution is available in a 6W emergency battery and 4″ cylinder up to 2,500 lumens and 6″ cylinder up to 4,500 lumens.

For higher ceiling applications that require greater light output in emergency mode, the remote sidecar option is available with 7W, 10W, or 15W emergency batteries. The sidecar has the same finish and color as the cylinder to provide a unified look. Conduit length is available up to 24″ while getting a 4″ cylinder up to 5,000 lumens and a 6″ cylinder up to 8,000 lumens.


LIT Awards Gotham Evo Incito Emergency Backup


The recessed gear housing emergency solution is for applications with access above the ceiling to hide the emergency battery discreetly and is available with a 10W emergency battery. Get a 4″ cylinder up to 5,000 lumens and a 6″ cylinder up to 8,000 lumens.

Photo credit: Gotham



Luminis: Inline

LIT 23 Winner in Landscape Lights

Inline family of exterior luminaires. Inline bollards and columns elevate exterior spaces with various heights and lighting module options.


Luminis Inline outdoor lighting LIT Awards winner


Inline is a contemporary range of bollards and columns with a distinctly urban aesthetic. Independently adjustable light modules allow lighting designers to capture the essential elements in a given landscape arrangement. The luminaires illuminate parks, plazas, outdoor arena spaces, landscaped gardens, pedestrian areas, and other urban environments.

Bollards are available in heights of 24”, 39”, and 46”. Designers may select up to two light modules per bollard, with lighting packages up to 4,191 lumens per module. Columns may be chosen with up to four modules per column, 4,809 delivered lumens per module, and up to 20 feet in pole height. Columns and bollards have 15, 30, or 55-beam angle reflectors and Type III distribution.


Finish options for Luminis Inline


Light modules rotate 355° individually for controlled illumination and one-of-a-kind flexibility. Each module’s final positioning can be modified on-site during installation. The curved sculpted opening and deeply recessed lens direct the light beam downward to minimize uplight while enhancing comfort and glare control.

All versions are offered in 10 standard or ten faux wood finishes, with the option to match custom colors.


Photo credit: Luminis



Lumnis: Clermont

LIT 23 Winner in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures

Clermont blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor luminaires. A complete family approach focuses on various mounting options to cover a range of exterior and interior lighting needs. Clermont has you covered from roadways to pathways, public parks to university campuses, parking lots to lobbies.


Indoor clermont pendants by Luminis lighting

Mix and match lighting requirements with a consistent design aesthetic – outdoors and in. Clermont’s soft, curved lines are clean, elegant, and timeless. The classic, geometric form is designed for various mounting options across limitless exterior and interior applications.

With no visible screws or bolts, its charm lies in its simple sophistication, blending in while adding a presence. Clermont’s beveled silhouette has broad appeal and is right at home in public spaces.


Clermont x Luminis in outdoor courtyard


Choose glare-managing comfort optics for exterior applications when pedestrian needs are the priority or to ensure occupant comfort in interior spaces. A high-output option is available for enhanced street and area illumination.


Multiple mounting options for Clermont x Luminis Lighting

Photo credit: Luminis


Q-Tran: Quova – Knife Edge

LIT 23 Winner in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures

Quova is a knife-edge fixture that transforms spaces with surface-plane illumination from a single edge. Designed as a pre-made cove product, QUOVA-PERFORMANCE seamlessly blends into architectural details, making it the ultimate choice for cove applications. Its unique fixture design ensures complete visual cutoff and eliminates glare and shadows.


QTRAN knife-edge fixture Quova


QUOVA’s slim knife-edge profile fits snugly into tight spaces, providing a sleek, unobtrusive look, even where there’s no existing cove architecture, offering design flexibility. Installation is a breeze, with easy integration during early construction stages, saving time and resources. Boasting integral and remote power options, QUOVA-PERFORMANCE offers installation and design flexibility.


Lit Award winner Quova from QTRAN lighting


The proprietary asymmetric optic throws light at an impressive 7:1 setback ratio, offering illumination exceeding 990+ lm/ft, and can be positioned ±10°, directing light where it’s needed to achieve the desired effect. Alongside the PERFORMANCE model, there are also MICRO and STANDARD versions. MICRO is one of the smallest knife-edge products on the market.

QUOVA combines cutting-edge performance, intuitive user-friendliness, and seamlessly unobtrusive design to create an unparalleled lighting system.

Photo credit: Q-Tran


Q-Tran: Peri–Perimeter Fixture

LIT 23 Winner in Linear Lighting System

PERI, the market’s smallest Integral Driver Perimeter Fixture, epitomizes a commitment to innovation and performance. Measuring a mere 2.5″ x 2.0″, it excels in shallow plenum spaces and is compatible with various ceiling types. Boasting an impressive output exceeding 1000 lm/ft and a CRI of 90+, PERI delivers outstanding illumination.

Customize your lighting with versatile optics and shielding options like glare control louvers and prismatic lenses.


Detailed view of Peri x QTRAN lighting


The modular assembly ensures seamless installation, with a diffused or prismatic lens that extends over long lengths for uninterrupted light.


Peri x QTran Lighting in modern hospitality space

PERI is engineered with your needs in mind, featuring adaptable power feed locations and constant current or constant voltage LEDs, ensuring consistent lighting performance even over longer lengths. It’s more than a fixture; it’s a powerful, compact, and customizable lighting solution.

Photo credit: Q-Tran


Eureka: Tangram – Trace

LIT 23 Winner in Linear Lighting System

Using bold straps and a prismatic lens, Tangram-Trace creates a dramatic aesthetic and provides high-quality, diffused linear illumination. It is intended for modern environments such as conference and executive areas, hospitality applications, or reception spaces.


Tangram Trace suspended above conference table in modern office


Tangram-Trace luminaires are suspended using four-inch-wide straps, which empower designers to invent their own visual language. Available in 2′, 4′, and 6′ lengths, the straps can be configured into 12 pre-set shapes. Or, designers can work with the Eureka team to create custom designs. Straps are offered in five decorative colors, with the flexibility to create a monochromatic fixture or a more eclectic multi-color luminaire. Custom RAL colors are available upon request.

Spacers direct the path of the strap between the fixture and the canopy. Straps may be pulled in or pushed out to create the desired shape. The canopy itself is also a design element. Straps can appear to flow discreetly out of the ceiling, or the canopy elements can become a focal point that mirrors the geometry below.


Tangram Trace modern luminaire in modern office space


A 4” linear prismatic lens with an ultra-thin aluminum casing delivers high-quality diffused light down to the space below. Low, regular, and high output options range from 670 to 1,027 delivered lumens per foot.

All Tangram-Trace configurations can be selected with tunable white, ranging from 2700K to 5000K delivered lumens.

Photo credit: Eureka

Peerless: Proper

LIT 23 Winner in Linear Lighting System

Proper is distinguished by its continuous luminous lens that can run uninterrupted up to 100 linear feet without breaks or seams. This lens allows for a 26% increase in luminous area compared to traditional pendant luminaires. The wide aperture lens provides improved visual comfort and delivers best-in-class performance and value. For continuous applications greater than 8’ in length, Proper also features a unique, patented tool that simplifies lens installation.


Proper luminaire above classroom of students with hands raised


Not only does Proper provide top-tier luminance, but its self-balancing suspension system, combined with PrecisionLock alignment technology, makes Proper a breeze to install.

Proper offers a standard widespread indirect batwing and volumetric direct distribution to optimize the balance of spatial luminance. Also, direct and indirect distributions can be controlled independently to facilitate the most effective and comfortable mix of illumination for any application need.


Detiails of LIT Award winner Proper x Peerless Lighting


Peerless has made the Proper luminaire fitting to its name – ‘proper’ (adj.): adapted or appropriate to the intended purpose or circumstances; best fit; most suitable. Ideal for education, commercial offices, and multi-use spaces, Proper delivers the best light for sustained visual performance. It is designed to blend in and showcase interior architecture, not compete with it.

Photo credit: Peerless


Aculux: New Patented Warm Dim

LIT 23 Winner in Ceiling Lights / Mood Lighting

Lower the lights and bring an enveloping warmth to any space with WarmDim®. A new proprietary solution for AX3 and AX4 series downlights, user-controlled WarmDim warms color temperature as light levels are reduced, capturing that warm evening glow and bringing a relaxed and welcoming ambiance to a room.


ACULUX: New Patented Warm Dim in modern residential kitchen


The new WarmDim technology delivers smooth, natural transitions to warmer colors similar to the halogen lights they successfully emulate. It also features 90+ CRI standardized rendering and a 1-step Macadam ellipse for color consistency; a very narrow true 10° beam is also available up to 60° including Batwing for supreme beam control and precision for your lighting design. Controls include Phase Dimming and 0-10V down to less than 1% dimming. Lumen performance range is 800-1500lms for the AX3 series, whereas the AX4 delivers up to 1700lms.


ACULUX: New Patented Warm Dim in modern restaurant


Lastly, Aculux precision luminaires have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in the world of architectural lighting. They were among the first to offer discreet LED recessed adjustable featuring precision geared aiming (0-45° aiming/370° rotation), 45°visualcutoff and field interchangeable optics.

Aculux precision recessed luminaires have always led the industry, delivering the highest center beam candlepower and lumens from smaller apertures while maintaining quiet ceilings that blend seamlessly into the architecture.

Photo credit: Aculux


Selux: Melli

LIT 23 Winner in Outdoor Spotlights / Street Lighting

Melli™ is a medium-scale architectural indoor/outdoor luminaire family. Transforming for applications that require strict precise lighting, to soft diffuse light or even focused spot distributions. With Melli™, the same form factor is implemented throughout the entire family – mix, and match optics with any of the five mounting types for an aesthetically cohesive design.


Modern outdoor catenary lighting Melli luminaire family from Selux


You will find it easy to enhance the look and feel of your project due to a complete selection of mountings available – pole, wall, pendant, and catenary. The variety of mountings allows you to place light creatively without limitations.


Selux Melli pole mount outdoor lighting up dark campus walkway


The Melli™ range excels at illuminating spaces such as plazas, shopping centers, pedestrian areas, or any space requiring high-end site, facade, pendant, or catenary lighting.

Photo credit: Selux

Read our blog post about Melli for more!


Congratulations to the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Award Winners

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we dive into the rest of the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Award Winners. There’s so much more to share!

Specifiers and lighting designers—talk to your TLA Sales Rep about these luminaires and how they can fit into your next commercial lighting project.

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