Prudential’s Gaze Spool: Decidedly Understated and Undeniably Refined

New product Spotlight! Perfect your space with all the Gaze features and benefits you already know and love, now with a new, dynamic third style option.

LZF Lamps New Manufacturer Spotlight: Wood Touched by Light

Handmade, wooden luminaires that make you catch your breath. LZF is helping us redefine what it means to light a space.

The Lighting Agency

We partner with architects, designers, contractors, and engineers to find the products that bring their visions to light.

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Architectural Decorative Lighting in an SSL World

Dec. 7, 2023 | 12:00-1:00 PM (MST)

Join Eureka for a discussion of how Architectural Decorative luminaire design has adapted to solid-state lighting sources.

TLA Spotlight Blog

Read about Team TLA, what we’re focused on, and the products we’re excited about.

Connect Solutions Group

Connect Solutions Group from TLA

CSG provides best-in-class technical services by providing service, maintenance and owner training for energy savings and monitoring systems.

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