Light the Way with Melli x Selux Lighting

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Light the Way with Melli x Selux Lighting

Jun 1, 2023 | Products

We couldn’t be more excited about a brand-new product family from Selux. Introducing Melli™, a sophisticated luminaire range with endless optical options and mountings.

Melli is a medium-scale architectural luminaire family that transforms for indoor/outdoor applications that require precise roadway lighting, soft diffuse light, or even focused spot distributions.

With Melli, you can mix and match optics with any of the five mounting types for an aesthetically cohesive design.

But there’s more! Here are our top three reasons designers should consider Melli for their next commercial lighting project.


Selux Melli luminaire family

1. Sustainable design

With products like Melli, Selux is helping us realize that a more sustainable future is possible. Melli is Delcare-listed and meets the requirements of green building standards.

As a Living Future Corporate Member, Selux is recognized for its proficiency in the world’s more ambitious, advanced, and holistic sustainable design standards.


Selux Melli pole mount outdoor lighting up dark campus walkway

2. Multiple convenient mounting options

You will find it easy to enhance the look and feel of your project due to a complete selection of mountings available: pole, wall, surface, pendant, and catenary. Melli’s variety of mountings allows you to place light creatively without limitations.

The Pole Mount is available as Single or Double mounted.

Need a unique lighting solution? Melli attaches to round poles with a threaded insert design, which means luminaires can be placed practically anywhere on the pole. For example, Melli could illuminate a road/parking area with a top luminaire while simultaneously lighting a sidewalk with a lower luminaire.


Selux Melli wall mounted downtown building

Wall, Surface, and Stem luminaires are commonly used along building facades and overhangs to provide visual guidance for pathways, identify doorways, and brighten entrances.

Wall Mount fixtures are available in two styles, Direct or Direct/Indirect, and can be used for ambient lighting to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Stem or Surface mounts suspend from ceilings or exterior canopies to illuminate interior or exterior entranceways.

A wall or stem can be placed strategically along the sides of a building, around a dark corner, or in a narrow space to brighten or highlight walkways and paths.


Close of up Melli x Selux catenary lighting

When using catenary, Melli™ can be installed practically everywhere people gather. Not only does it light up the space, but it improves visibility and safety.


3. Choose from three light engines

Melli has three different light engines, each with their own options: Gen5, Diffuse, and Spot.

Gen5 light engine of Melli luminaire from Selux

Gen5 light engine provides precise optical distributions with lower intensity angles. Typical applications include local roads, parking lots, pedestrian paths, and dark sky.


Diffuse light engine of Melli luminaire from Selux

The Diffuse version with a mid-power light engine creates a comfortable ambiance and soft illumination. Think plazas, shopping centers, pedestrian paths, and ambient areas.


Spot COB light engine of Melli luminaire from Selux

Choose Melli Spot with the COB light engine if you’re looking for a fixture to create interest and drama—ideal for facades, accent lighting, pedestrian paths, and dark sky.

Look at Melli’s Technical Data and Downloads provided by Selux, including luminaire colors and finishes.

Selux Melli catenary in modern commercial office indoor lighting application


4. Elegant & contemporary

We could continue listing off why you should light the way with Melli… There’s so much to love about this elegant, modern luminaire from Selux and its ability to emphasize the architectural detail around it.

Want to know more? Talk to your TLA Sales Rep today about using Melli in your next indoor or outdoor lighting project.

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