Congratulations to the 2023 Red Dot Design Award Winners!

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Congratulations to the 2023 Red Dot Design Award Winners!

Feb 5, 2024 | News & Events, Products

Every year, the Red Dot Design Awards recognize outstanding achievements in product design, communication design, and design concepts. In 2023, the competition saw a record number of entries from over 60 countries, showcasing the incredible diversity and creativity of the global design landscape. And we’re thrilled to share that two lighting brands we’re proud to represent were recognized as winners: Luminis Lighting and Eureka Lighting.

Take it from Kristin Estes, Specification Sales:

“Engineers, craftsmen, creatives and artists…. that’s who makes up the brains behind new luminaires. These teams of people give us the tools for creating brilliant and beautiful spaces, and we can’t thank them enough. We all know it takes a village, so by sharing these awards with you, we join in the celebration of the global community.

We applaud the ingenuity, dedication, and forward-thinking of all who were honorees and winners. PLUS, it gives us a little something extra to brag about, and that’s pretty great too. Enjoy and happy specifying!”

Two different distinctions are awarded as part of the Red Dot Award: Product Design. First, the Red Dot: Best of the Best is the highest distinction in the competition and is awarded to pioneering designs. Second, the Red Dot is awarded for high design quality. Receiving a Red Dot means a product is aesthetically appealing, functional, smart, or innovative—but what all winners have in common is their outstanding design.

There was a dazzling array of entries in the lighting & lamps category, with products pushing the boundaries of innovation and aesthetics. From mesmerizing chandeliers to ingenious modular systems, these award-winning designs are rewriting the rules of illumination.

Keep reading for the winning products and the jury’s praise for Eureka Lighting and Luminis Lighting—you might just get inspired to include them in your own projects this year!


Red Dot Luminaire Range Winner: Luminis Lighting – Clermont


Red Dot design award winner Clermont by Luminis Lighting

The design of the Clermont product range blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor luminaires: it includes pendants, surface-mounted and wall lights, as well as post lamps to meet the lighting needs of public buildings, parks, streets, and car parks.


Indoor clermont pendants by Luminis lighting

According to the jury, “their timeless aesthetic is based on a purist design language that blends into its respective surroundings with ease.” The gently beveled silhouette of the lampshade complements the rounded lamp post, and the components fit together without any visible screws. In addition to gentle, glare-reducing illumination, there are also high-output options for street lighting.


Red Dot Suspended Light Winner: Eureka Lighting – Tangram-Essential

Tangram-Essential is the elementary hanging lamp in the Tangram product range. To make it highly adaptable for architecturally sophisticated projects, this lamp can be configured and installed in a wide variety of ways. The jury was full of praise, “It is impressive how the product combines variability with an innovative design language inspired by classic cylinder luminaires.”


The lamp is suspended using oversized nylon straps, which are available in five different colors. It also comes in a version with an oversized honeycomb baffle and a version with highly efficient prismatic lenses. A high-performance COB LED ensures powerful yet glare-free illumination.


Red Dot Suspended Luminaire Winner: Eureka Lighting – Tangram-Tact

Tangram Tact detail by Eureka Lighting Red Dot winner Tangram Tact

With its gently curved contours, the Tangram-Tact is an emotionally appealing addition to this range of lamps. “Its elegant aesthetic catches the eye and provides ambient lighting that is very inviting,” noted the jury.


Tangram Tact x Eureka Lighting

Using the brand’s distinctive nylon straps in a range of popular colors, the lamp can be positioned so as to create visual accents in different parts of any room. The light it casts is cleverly focused, making it possible, for example, to define seating areas or illuminate corridors. The deeply recessed COB light source with an internally reflecting lens minimizes glare and achieves a high level of lighting comfort.



Red Dot Pendant Luminaire Winner: Eureka Lighting – Tangram-Cut

Tangram Cut detail Eureka Lighting

The Tangram-Cut owes its luxurious appearance to the meticulously machined body cut from solid crystal glass. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave base ensure broad light diffusion, while the edges boast a remarkable level of precision.


Red Dot Design Awards winner Eureka Lighting with Tangram Cut

The high-quality body is suspended from wide straps in different colors. This design, according to the jury, “not only produces a characteristic overall appearance but also allows for visually appealing installations in public or commercial buildings.” Developed for gourmet dining venues and public spaces, the high-performance COB light source provides pleasantly diffuse illumination.


Red Dot Luminaire System Winner: Eureka Lighting – Arena

Arena luminaire system by Eureka Lighting

The ARENA is a configurable lighting system with magnetic tracks that are available in straight, round, square, and rectangular formats. Thanks to the wide selection of lighting modules and tracks, it is possible to create special configurations for each room.


Red Dot winner Arena luminaire system by EurekaArena x Eureka Lighting

The jury was impressed by the “rigorous design language of a product solution that is both visually and functionally successful.” Owing to the fact that the magnetic system works with low voltage, it is easy to move or rearrange the modules without tools.


Eureka Lighting Arena Luminaire system


The pendant luminaires can also be fitted with sound-dampening felt slats whose different colors create visually appealing accents in the room.


Red Dot Luminaire Winner Best of the Best 2023: Eureka Lighting – Tangram-Trace

Red Dot Best of the Best Winner Eureka Tangram Trace


In architecture and interior design, lighting has the task of staging and complementing a room. In this context, luminaires are often only a means to an end. Sometimes, however, they are in the spotlight themselves.

The Tangram-Trace is such a luminaire: with its distinctive, wide straps and narrow, linear light fixtures, it draws sharp lines in the air, creating an aesthetic that is capable of shaping entire rooms.

The basis for this is a modular system consisting of an elongated rectangular light fixture available in three lengths, a canopy in the same shape, and straps made of fabric about 10 cm wide. The straps hold the luminaire and conceal the flat power cable, which is invisibly integrated into the support strap construction.


Eureka Tangram TraceEureka Tangram Trace

At the same time, they are the element that lends the Tangram-Trace lighting solution its visual conciseness and high flexibility because the straps can be pulled inwards or pushed outwards by means of spacers. In this way, the route of the straps between the light fixture and the canopy is determined to create the desired shape.

The straps are available in five colors and can be configured in twelve preset shapes. In addition, interior architects and designers can create custom designs in terms of form and color in collaboration with the manufacturer. A linear prismatic lens with ultra-thin aluminum housing and adjustable white range from 2,700 to 5,000 kelvin emits high-quality diffuse light into the room.


Tangram Trace in modern lobby hospitality settingTangram Trace in modern office space


In their decision, the jurors praised the coherent design of the individual Tangram-Trace elements, which would help the eye follow the clear lines of the luminaire undisturbed.

Above all, however, the jury emphasized the creative potential of the luminaire: “Tangram-Trace opens up a multitude of design possibilities for interior designers to draw completely new geometric landscapes in the room. Particularly remarkable is that – depending on the choice of components – both minimalist solutions and installations with a dramatic effect can be achieved,” said the jury.

Another special quality of the luminaire is that it always exudes a certain warmth despite its austere lines, even if it is completely black.


Congratulations to the Red Dot Award Design 2023 winners!

At TLA, we’re thrilled and proud to see that products from Eureka and Luminis have been recognized by this well-known design competition.

These winners offer a glimpse into an exciting future for our industry. Together, we can push the boundaries of what lighting can be, paving the way for a brighter, more beautiful, and more eco-conscious future.

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