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Tech Corner: 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization

May 7, 2021 | Technology

By Richard Harris


Hi, I’m Richard Harris from the TLA Outside Sales Department. Over the course of the pandemic, news about the disinfecting powers of ultraviolet (UV) light has proliferated so widely across mainstream media that the topic has become part of casual dinner conversations.

While this sudden interest has generated a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding new products and applications, the science behind UV disinfection technology is hardly new—in fact, it is almost 120 years old!


So now, the question on everyone’s mind: how can I build a UV light system to best meet the needs of my business, space, or organization?


Our team at TLA is here to help you navigate this process with three simple steps:

  1. Understand the science behind the different types of UV light
  2. Understand the dosage requirements needed to mitigate various pathogens
  3. Design a strategy to incorporate the best new products for your application into a UV light disinfecting system


Step 1: Different Types of UV Light

Below are two illustrations that show the difference between various types of UV light using the visual spectrum.



The big take-away from these graphics is to understand that not all UV is not the same.

Different wavelengths (as indicated by the different colors) have different sterilizing properties. Both UV-A and UV-B are present in our daily environments,  and depending on their dosage, they will yield different results.

Step 2: Dosage

If you’ve read my previous post, Realcomm COVID Tech Showcase: LIGHTING the Way in the COVID Battle, you already understand the importance of adhering to prescribed lighting dosages to mitigate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.

And if you’re joining the UV light conversation for the first time today, here’s a great chart that illustrates the dosage requirements for the various elements that you may be trying to negate.


TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization


  • Dosage = intensity x time (in seconds)
  • Different pathogens require different dosages.
  • And no, UV light doesn’t “kill” germs —it damages their DNA so they cannot reproduce.

Step 3: UV Light & Dosage for Your Specific Application

This is where the experts—like our team here at TLA—can help you design the best strategy for achieving your desired sanitization results.

For example, will your system require air purification, surface purification, or both to be effective? Should your disinfection system run continuously, daily, or on a weekly schedule?

Finally, an effective mitigation system must administer the appropriate UV dosage requirements to properly execute your sanitation strategy.


When it comes to UV lighting products, there are three types of primary light sources, as shown below.


TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization



Your specific use case will help determine which type(s) of products will most effectively help you achieve your goals.


Here are some examples of possible use-case scenarios, including various new products that incorporate proven science in new technology-forward applications to meet your specific criteria.


TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization



TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization



TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization



TLA 3 Steps to Building a UV Light System for Your Organization



Want to learn more about any of the products or new lines featured in this post? Reach out to me at or email your TLA Sales Rep.


Thanks so much for joining me today on the TLA Spotlight Blog!



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