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nLight® Lighting Controls for Tenant Improvement (TI) Applications

Jun 24, 2021 | Products, Technology

by Nick Berry

Hi! I’m Nick Berry, in the TLA Controls Department, and I’m here to talk about some very cool controls products from nLight®.

With so many companies planning to go back to work in offices soon, we’re seeing a heightened interest in Tenant Improvement (TI) projects all around Denver and the Front Range. Tenant Improvement projects are typically planned with a shorter time to completion, and with efficiency in mind. These considerations make it imperative to choose the right controls for your project’s applications.

Today, I’m going to talk about how nLight® Air wireless technology and lighting controls products can help you achieve the best results for your specific needs while adhering to your TI project’s timeline and budget.


nLight® Lighting Controls for Tenant Improvement (TI) Applications


nLight® AIR System Portfolio Overview

The industry-leading nLight® Platform—both wired and wireless—continues to grow and expand each day. The nLight® platform is designed to function as a standalone (one-room solution) or networked across an entire campus, ideal for renovation and new construction projects.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and easy-to-own, nLight® can cut energy consumption and enhance occupant convenience.

On the wireless front, nLight® AIR is a simplified wireless lighting control solution that eliminates the need to run wires, resulting in an overall lower cost of install (install savings have been shown to range from 20-40%!). Developed to penetrate typical obstructions found in commercial buildings, nLight® AIR simplifies design and installation by embedding sensors directly into nearly all applications—indoor, industrial, warehouse, garage, and outdoor—nLight® AIR has you covered!


  • Embedded sensors in a wide variety of luminaires simplify design and installation
  • Loose Sensors, Photocells, Relays, and native UL-924 devices complement the fixture embedded approach, giving designers and installers maximum flexibility in how they want to design the system
  • Easily penetrates typical obstructions found in commercial buildings like concrete and steel
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor solutions, including for warehouse and parking garage
  • Aids in meeting and/or exceeding state and local energy codes for renovation and new construction projects
  • Saves energy with occupancy, daylighting, automated timeclock, and native demand response—up to 82% additional energy savings!
  • In-space reconfiguration
  • Robust 5-tier wireless security architecture
  • Download nLight® AIR’s Security Brochure and learn more!



nLight® Lighting Controls for Tenant Improvement (TI) Applications


nLight® AIR Autonomous Bridging

The nLight® platform continues to evolve, enhancing its nLight® AIR wireless technology by adding more range and reliability to its network. Autonomous Bridging Technology allows networks to grow farther than ever and eliminates the guesswork in lighting controls design.

nLight® Lighting Controls was developed to achieve the benefits of both the mesh and star network, in a unique way that is neither. It builds upon the company’s established and popular nLight® system to dramatically expand the responsiveness and scalability of its wireless controls solution.

With ABT, “one system fits all” and is able to deliver the desired benefits of networked control to virtually any application in a wireless system, with the same confidence offered by wired systems.

  • Communicate around corners. Design with confidence, knowing that messages will get where they need to go by repeating around obstructions using nearby devices.
  • Get off the site more quickly. No additional programming required during setup – devices self-initialize to bridge other devices when needed. Just start programming groups closest to your adapter, and the system will auto-establish to form a robust, connected network.
  • Communicate farther, faster. Groups and their corresponding devices are bridged only when necessary, extending your network and allowing groups to respond more quickly through the star topology of nLight® AIR.
  • Intelligent network. The automatically bridged network self-improves over time, eliminating waste.
  • No additional hardware needed. Repeating is possible with existing hardware, which reduces the need to add more devices for larger networks.


Reference the comparison charts below that illustrate how nLight® excels against the competition in indoor and outdoor applications.

nLight® Lighting Controls for Tenant Improvement (TI) Applications



nLight® Lighting Controls for Tenant Improvement (TI) Applications


nLight® AIR Programming Videos

Whether you’re an end-user, an EC looking to do their own startups, or a field technician in the making, get a look at just how easy and intuitive programming is with the CLAIRITY™ Pro Mobile App— full trainings can easily be set up by request! Here’s Part 1 and Part 2. 



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Nick Berry
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