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Humanistic Lighting for Schools

Sep 22, 2021 | Technology

By TLA Staff

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One of today’s most buzz-worthy topics is Humanistic Lighting—which is the idea that lighting has many non-visual effects on our everyday experiences, including mood, productivity, and even circadian rhythm.


woman sitting in led lighting office setting

What is Humanistic Lighting?

Simply put, it is “digital and natural lighting that positively impacts human performance, well-being, and experience.” – Acuity Brands


man teaching in classroom with humanistic lighting


What are the benefits of Humanistic Lighting?

Three key benefits include

  • Enhancing Performance. Lighting helps improve alertness, focus and response, and it improves visibility in work environments, so work is more accurate, and we feel safer.
  • Promoting Well-Being. The relationship between artificial lighting and human physiology — alertness, sleep, immune function and more — is becoming increasingly clear.
  • Enriching Experience.  Lighting can help shape the way we see and feel about a space or event. Bright light energizes us. Softer diffused light helps us relax and be intimate. Vivid lighting sets energy, tone, and color.


illustration of LED humanistic lighting classroom teacher and students


Humanistic Lighting in schools

In schools, lighting is emerging as a new tool for improving classroom experience — on par with digital tablets and white boards.

Tunable white luminaires allow light to be adjusted to optimal levels for specific classroom activities. Additionally, combining this technology with daylighting and controls offers an optimal experience that harnesses the use of natural lighting.

For example, warm lighting provides a more relaxing environment for individualized tasks, whereas cooler lighting is best suited for increasing energy levels.


four color temperature presets in elementary classroom


Both students and teachers can experience enhanced mood, better focus, heightened alertness, and increased productivity when Humanistic Lighting principles and tunable white luminaires are installed in classrooms.

Tunable White Lighting allows a teacher to “tune” the color of the light to be just right for the activity, impacting student behavior and performance.

Warm tone LED lighting for reading


neutral tone LED lighting for testing




 Click the links below to view additional video resources from Acuity Brands about humanistic lighting in schools:

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