Top 5 Reasons to Call Connect Solutions Group for Your Commercial Lighting Controls Project

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Top 5 Reasons to Call Connect Solutions Group for Your Commercial Lighting Controls Project

Oct 4, 2022 | Controls, Tech Corner

By Zach Navarro

Hi, I’m Zach Navarro from Connect Solutions Group (CSG), and I’d like to talk about the modern complex office and how CSG and TLA can help keep the lights on (or off) in a responsible way.

Keep reading to learn about the top five reasons you need to call our team before your next large-scale commercial project.


Reason #1: Ever-evolving energy code requirements and technology

Modern Energy Code is getting more and more complex with ever-increasing and stringent requirements for what lights can be on, when the lights can be on, and how bright they should be.  Some of the higher-end fixtures can even “tune” their color output from the warm light of a crisp autumn morning to the bright white of noon-day summer-time sun.  Some fixtures are so smart that they talk to each other wirelessly! Talk about complex!

Fortunately, we like playing with cool new technology! CSG and TLA have it under control!

Tunable lighting in classroom examples

Please refer to Chapter 4 [CE] Commercial Energy Efficiency for further reading.

Reason #2: It’s time to take control of your emergency protocols

One of our awesome owners, Jason Fisher, once quipped that TLA’s Lighting division is the “Light-side” because they provide the light, and TLA’s Controls division, along with CSG, is the “Dark-side” because we turn the lights off.

However, even while being completely energy conscious, when emergencies happen, the lights must automatically and reliably turn on. With our emergency shunting devices, power transfer devices, emergency power backup systems, and Building Automation or Fire Alarm system integration devices, CSG and TLA have that under control too!


Emergency controls system diagram



Reason #3: Level up your Zoom room with streamlined audio-visual integrations

Most modern offices have conference and meeting rooms, and with them come audio-visual systems. We can integrate with all the major AV systems in several protocols.

Whether the integration is as simple as dry-contact input/output, or as complex as custom bi-directional RS-232 communication, CSG and TLA have it under control!


TLA CSG controls diagram

Lighting controls in office meeting room

Reason #4: Your architect and designer want to impress with the latest “fancy” lighting that requires complex programming

 The line is beginning to blur between functional, architectural lighting and fun, entertaining lighting. Our techs can program both.

We have a line-up of very powerful products that can bridge the gap between controlling the “house lights” and controlling the “fancy lights,” and our technicians have the expertise to program all of it.

Muliple styles of controlled lighting in modern space

Bright lighting on windows of dark building facade at night

Reason #5: From start to finish, we make your job easier and your project a success

 As complexity grows, installations are getting harder than ever for contractors.  In addition to delivering the owner’s a great lighting system, CSG has the important role of helping installers get past the finish line on their project.  Our in-house CSG electricians have installed and programmed the technologically advanced systems that top contractors are installing.

We can find the answer to any question the installer might have about the system they are installing. The CSG team is comprised of career lighting and controls experts who have expertise in networking, building automation, audio-visual systems, and communication protocols. We work directly with building automation integrators, AV integrators and IT departments on a high level to solve any problem that comes our way.

CSG’s senior technicians frequently hold hands-on or even on-the-job training sessions for less experienced technicians, so we can reliably provide the best possible service to our customers and contractors. CSG also offers pre-programming of our most common control systems to take some of the stress of installing a control system away from the contractor.

Rob Pries, our controls manager and TLA Associate, wrote a great piece about the benefits of pre-programming—check it out here!


Thanks for taking the time to read all about how CSG and TLA can help you light your world!

— Zach Navarro
Manager, Connect Solutions Group

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