Benefits of Using TLA’s Partner Company Connect Solutions Group on Your Next Project

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Benefits of Using TLA’s Partner Company Connect Solutions Group on Your Next Project

Jan 18, 2022 | Tech Corner

By Rob Pries


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Hi, it’s Rob Pries, TLA Controls Department Manager and I’m back on the blog to talk about TLA’s partner company Connect Solutions Group.

Here at The Lighting Agency, we are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized service to all our customers and our partnership with CSG is yet another resource we’ve created to support you on your next project.


What is Connect Solutions Group?

Connect Solutions Group (CSG) is a Denver-based Licensed Electrical Contractor with 10 employees, several of which are licensed journeyman & masters electricians. You can connect with the CSG Team through this link.

Connect Solutions Group, provides all the technical services for the Lighting Agency’s projects such as:

  • System Pre-Programming
  • Onsite startup & programming
  • Owner training
  • System Maintenance
  • Remote service

For a deeper dive into those services, check out our the CSG Preprogramming Sales Sheet that details some of the steps taken and how it is a huge benefit to both the installing contractor and the owner.


What are the benefits of using CSG on your next project?

 For this section, let’s talk about who benefits and why you should work with CSG:

  • The contractor benefits by having a fully operational, plug & play systems that’s delivered in a room-by-room kit which allows them to rapidly move through a building’s install and have all areas functional as soon as the power is turned on.
  • The building owner benefits because their system matches the Sequence of Operations with more accuracy, better labeling and programming files are stored and archived on the cloud for future access. This allows CSG to provide pre-programmed warranty replacements eliminating the need for costly technician site visits, making replacements truly “plug & play” for the building maintenance staff.
  • The end user benefits because remote services are available to the owner for managing schedules, troubleshooting out of warranty problems, as well as upgrades and reconfiguration of spaces and uses of each space. Remote Service can be facilitated via an owner provided LAN connection or through our Clairity Link VPN Router which facilitates a 4G wireless connection when a LAN connection isn’t an option.

nLight Clarity Link VPN Router


Beyond the initial configuration, how can CSG provide extended technical support for my new system?

 Yes – CSG offers Maintenance plans to cover unexpected service needs as well as owner training and annual schedule changes that owners of retail and public facilities deal with daily. Examples are Retail stores with business hours that vary through the year and holidays as well as rec centers that observe holiday hours and maintenance closures.

Remote Service is particularly helpful for buildings that have color-changing lighting controls that wish to adjust colors and color shows to observe holidays, sports teams, public rally events, memorials, and corporate colors.
To find out more about how you can tap in to Connect Solutions Group’s services for your next project, shoot me an email or give me a call!  Thanks for joining me today and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

— Rob Pries
The Lighting Agency – Controls Department Manager
303.455.1012 ext. 1032

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