Making the Holidays Bright with Team TLA: Part 1, Traditions

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Making the Holidays Bright with Team TLA: Part 1, Traditions

Dec 20, 2022 | Team TLA

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently, so we asked our team members about their favorite traditions for this time of year.

Keep reading to find out… It turns out there are so many things that make Team TLA’s holidays bright!

For some, it’s time spent with family and friends…

“We celebrate Hanukkah and have our kids’ presents hidden in our home each night. After lighting the menorah, they race around the house to begin the search for presents. It’s always a joy watching them on the scavenger hunt and speculating what may be wrapped inside.”
— Evan, Operations Manager


“Snowball, our Christmas Elf gets into some major mischief all December long. My 9-year-old still believes in the full Christmas magic and it’s wonderful to see him hang on to that belief for what might be his last year…(I’m not crying)”
— Kristin, Specification Sales


“Getting together with family and friends for a great dinner and then singing Christmas songs after.”
—Mark, Outside Sales


Or looking forward to a special meal or holiday treat…

“Making cookies!”
— Juliann, Customer Service


“Steak and Crab Legs for Christmas Eve Dinner.”
— Ken, Lighting Controls Specialist


“Hiking up in the mountains and cutting down our Christmas tree every year on Black Friday. Followed by lunch at a family-owned restaurant, Zoka’s, which is what my family really cares about. Sometimes we try to find a tree in less than 10 minutes… because onion rings are very important.”
— Sydney, Customer Service Representative


Photobooth pictures of Team TLA at holiday party

Pictured above: photo booth shots of Team TLA at the holiday party.


The winter activities they look forward to all year…

“Decorating the Christmas tree!”
— Tony, Specification Sales


“One of our favorite family traditions is to watch the Christmas Parade in Estes Park. It’s always on the Friday night after Thanksgiving. It kicks off the Christmas season for us.”
— Rob, Controls Manager


“Rockerfeller Center’s Christmas tree, lights, angels, and 5th Avenue’s Christmas displays! Ho, ho, ho!”
— Jeff, Outside Sales


“We open Christmas gifts Christmas Morning instead of Christmas Eve night.”
— Kenneth, Quotations


“Going out as a family and cutting down our Christmas tree!”
— Chris Davis, Outside Sales


And the hopes, dreams, and memories this time of year brings…

“Being hopeful for a snowy white Christmas, but inevitably being disappointed when it’s just brown.”
— Carl, Controls Sales


“Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and the memories made with my family. My father’s side of the family is Mexican, and my dad’s side of the family was very large, so the Christmas Eve gatherings were big and fun. We always sang Christmas songs in Spanish, and I didn’t always know the words, but my aunts and uncles sang those songs with such joy.

Every year Santa came over to the large gathering to deliver gifts to each kid in the family. When our name was called, we each took our turns sitting on Santa’s lap, and Santa would ask us if we had been good or bad. It was so fun and embarrassing but Santa entering the front door was a highlight as we sang “Here comes Santa Clause,” in Spanish, of course.

My mom’s side was much smaller, but we always went to my Uncle’s farm to ride snowmobiles, play in the barns, and feed the cattle and horses— it felt like a vacation for Christmas day enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Each Christmas was special because it was all about Christ being born and celebrating with our family and that these traditions still live on.”
— Jason, Distributor Sales

Happy Holidays from TLA

However you choose to celebrate, we hope this holiday season brings you exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a long-held tradition, much-needed rest, time spent with good company, or a good old-fashioned dose of fun. Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned for Part 2, where our team shares their gratitude and top moments of 2022!

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