Making the Holidays Bright with Team TLA: Part 3, Looking Ahead to 2023

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Making the Holidays Bright with Team TLA: Part 3, Looking Ahead to 2023

Dec 27, 2022 | Team TLA

By TLA Staff

At TLA, we believe that change is a good thing. It’s part of why we’ve succeeded as a family-led business for over 40 years (and have no plans of slowing down.)

With 2023 just around the corner, we asked our team what they’re looking forward to in the new year. Keep scrolling to find out!

Hands hold up sparklers in celebration of New Year 2023

Some mentioned aspirations for work…

“Building on the company’s successes of 2022 by continuing to tackle new challenges and achieve our goals with the great people here at TLA.”
— Evan, Operations Manager

“Taking on a more leadership role within the TLA South office.”
— Kenneth, Quotations

“Seeing the progress of the new TLA South building take shape.”
— Ken, Lighting Controls Specialist


And upcoming adventures, both at home and away…

“Being a +1 for my fiancé’s all expenses paid Sales Club trip to Tulum”
— Carl, Controls Sales

“Rest? JK. I don’t know what that is. I’m looking forward to all the adventures ahead…whatever those may be!”
— Kristin, Specification Sales

“I am looking forward to the world getting back to “closer to normal” and attending two of my kids’ weddings.”
— Rob, Controls Manager

“Continuing to explore my new home.”
— Tony, Specification Sales

“Camping more with my lovely wife and our dogs!”
— Chris, Outside Sales


But most focused on the joy that their colleagues, family, and friends bring, every year!

“Another prosperous and healthy year.”
— Mark, Outside Sales

“Working with great people, raising my family and looking after my godchildren.”
— Jeff, Outside Sales

“Another year to enjoy my family and friends.”
— Juliann, Customer Service

“We have a new puppy coming in January, a cream retriever.”
— Jason, Distributor Sales

“Cannot wait to see what the next year holds in our community. So many new chapters and great times to look forward to in the new year!”
— Sydney, Customer Service Representative


Happy New Year from The Lighting Agency

Thanks for taking the time to read our holiday series. If you’ve made it through all three parts, you’ll know one thing for certain… When it comes to Team TLA, there’s enough light to go around and make everyone’s holiday season bright!

That’s a wrap for the Spotlight Blog this year— we’ll see you in 2023!

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