Here’s to Ken Hook, Lighting Controls Specialist, for reaching his 5-year milestone!

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Here’s to Ken Hook, Lighting Controls Specialist, for reaching his 5-year milestone!

Nov 28, 2023 | Team TLA

Today, we’re delighted to recognize a member of our Colorado Springs team who is always willing to share his expertise and knowledge with others.

Ken Hook, Lighting Controls Specialist, has 30 years of electrical experience behind him, including five years in Controls at TLA.

We hope you’ll take a moment to congratulate Ken on reaching this milestone and get to know him a little more below!

What was your path to TLA?

I started as a shop kid with Whitney Electric in 1994. I got into the apprenticeship program in 1995, turned out in 2000 with my Journeyman Wireman, and upgraded to Master Electrician in 2001.

“I’ve worked for several companies in Colorado Springs and was also an Electrical Contractor. Wiring custom homes is where I fell in love with controls.”

I was speaking with Michael Smoot at the annual Blazer Electric Steak Fry. He mentioned that he was looking for someone to fill a lighting controls position. I went home and thought about it all night, so I called him the following day.  I told him I was interested and that, with my background, I might be a good fit. It took a little while to work out the details, but here I am, five years later, without a single regret.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy electronics and technology.  Other hobbies include woodworking (especially crafting custom pens on the lathe), camping, hunting, fishing, drone video/photography, and perhaps Amateur Radio. I have an Amateur Extra License through the FCC; I am an active member of the local Amateur Radio Community and the current President of the Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association –

From hiking mountain trails at and near the top of the highest mountains to walking through lush grasslands at the lowest elevations, I’m beyond fortunate that, as a 50-year Colorado native, I have been able to take advantage of the Centennial State’s unparalleled beauty and most everything else it has to offer.

As much as I’m no longer a winter fan, there is nothing like the Colorado Seasons. The excitement of feeling the sun get warmer each day and watching winter wonderlands melt into the beautiful greens of spring.

“Soaking up as many warm summer days as possible in the RV, with the Jeep and boat, and always taking a couple of late-season trips to admire and appreciate the breathtaking colors of fall, thus completing another trip around the sun.”

I certainly must admit none of it would be the same without parents, kids, grandkids, and most of all, the unconditional love and support of my beautiful wife, Jen.


What’s your favorite thing about your role at TLA?

 For many years, my favorite part of the job was the experience of flipping the switch for the 1st time and seeing a room light up.

“But now, it’s pushing a single button and seeing a whole building come to life—that’s just awesome.”


In your opinion, what is it about TLA that makes people want to stick around?

TLA has created a culture of professionalism without attitude.  The owners are caring and involved and provide all the necessary resources and training for success (if a person doesn’t make it, that’s on them).

Everyone is passionate about what they do and realizes no one truly succeeds without the other. Colleagues work together for the benefit of each other. Combine this with all the other benefits TLA offers, how could it not be a great place to work?

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