Celebrating a 15-Year Milestone: Congratulations to Rob Pries, TLA Senior Associate and Controls Manager

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Celebrating a 15-Year Milestone: Congratulations to Rob Pries, TLA Senior Associate and Controls Manager

Apr 12, 2024 | News & Events, Team TLA

It’s time to put our hands together for another beloved member of Team TLA!


Rob Pries

Rob Pries, TLA Senior Associate and Controls Manager, hit a major milestone at the beginning of the year. We’ve been lucky enough to have him by our side for 15 years!

Ryan Stewart, TLA Principal, wanted to share his appreciation for Rob and his meaningful role in TLA’s company culture:

“Fifteen years ago, The Lighting Agency decided it was time for us to jump into the Controls world. Through a recommendation, we interviewed Rob and knew right away this was the person who could build a successful Controls division. Starting from basically zero, Rob has been the driving force in assembling first-class TLA Controls and CSG teams. Rob is one of the smartest and most dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.” –Ryan Stewart

Keep reading to get to know more about Rob, including his fond memories of working with TLA Founder Art Fisher.


What was your path to TLA?

I can’t believe 15 years have passed since I started at TLA. It just proves that time really does fly when you’re having fun.

My path to TLA began when I wasn’t really looking for a job. I was referred by a friend who had two or three interviews for what would become TLA’s first Controls position. But he decided that it wasn’t the best fit. After meeting Jason, Shane, and Art, I decided to give it a go. The rest is history.


Will you share a favorite memory from your time at TLA?

“I miss listening to Art Fisher and Bob Bullock strategizing with Paddy Moore on how to build a better/cheaper mousetrap the old-school way—without all the computer resources we have today.”

It’s amazing to think that we used to do all of this with fax machines and printed submittal packages. Wow, what a ton of paper we went through!


Group picture at Casa Bonita

What’s your favorite thing about your role?

I really enjoy the people I have been blessed to work with, both my co-workers and customers. It is such a small world but also makes it feel like the whole industry is family. Sometimes, a dysfunctional family… but that’s what keeps it interesting!


Rob and Jill with grandchild


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy being outdoors in Colorado and exploring places I haven’t been with my wife Jill and our dog.

Jill and I became grandparents last October. Our oldest daughter, Kayla, lives near Long Beach, CA, with our granddaughter Ivy. We love it when they come to visit and enjoy visiting them in California.

Our son Aaron was married in June of last year, and we are anxiously awaiting some grandbabies. It’s hard having our son in Florida and our daughter and granddaughter so far away, so we take every opportunity to visit each other.


Rob and Jill smiling at sons wedding


What is it about TLA that stands the test of time?

“TLA is about the people and the culture. It is a Top-Notch company that treats its employees with respect and gets all the respect in return. I’ve never worked anywhere quite like TLA because I am pretty sure there is no other place like it.”

Working for a company that values hard work and promotes innovation is a rarity because not all companies value their employees as their most valuable asset.

Lots of companies pay well, but not all focus on building a strong and healthy culture. However, money is only part of what most people need to feel satisfied. It’s the culture that makes a company an enjoyable place to work—and what stands the test of time.

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