TLA Project Focus: HealthPeak Properties’ Denver Office

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TLA Project Focus: HealthPeak Properties’ Denver Office

Apr 11, 2022 | Projects

By TLA Staff

HealthPeak Properties – Denver Office, 8th Floor Build-Out

In 2020 Ashley Stinson, Principal at Acquilano—a Denver-based interior architecture firm whose workplace strategists act as the incubators of culture and transform spaces into dynamic, effective environments where people love to work—reached out to TLA Principal of Outside Sales, Ryan Stewart, asking about future-proof reconfigurable lighting systems.

Ashley was in the process of designing a complete buildout for a vacant floor at the Denver office of HealthPeak Properties. Ryan and Ashley have been professional collaborators and friends for many years, so Ryan was eager to join Ashley in designing and specifying the best flexible new lighting technologies for the project.

Working with TLA’s team of controls experts, Ryan created layouts, photo metrics, that were fine-tuned according to Ashley’s vision until they arrived at the ideal lighting design for each type of space within the floorplan.

The total timeline for the build-out is outlined below:

  • Conversations between Ashley and Ryan started in late 2020
  • Budgets were set in December 2020
  • Early 2021 – lighting calculations and controls layouts completed with Nick Berry and Robert Hawkins
  • May 2021 – lighting orders placed with manufacturers
  • Builders and electricians on site Fall 2021 through completion in Fall of 2021

To maximize flexibility and create optimal continuity from both an aesthetic and lighting controls usability perspective, Ryan utilized two key lighting products throughout:

  • Peerless Renna is the primary light source in the private offices but is also installed throughout the floor.
  • Renna utilizes Modulus controls systems by Acuity Brands for seamless integration.

Within the total project scope, there were six focal areas for lighting design, each of which showcases different luminaires, technologies, and lighting techniques, as necessitated by the client’s use case wish list and Ashley’s strategies for encompassing HealthPeak Properties’ company culture and style.

Keep scrolling to view beautiful project imagery by Jessica Blackwell Photography and find out which lighting products Ashley and Ryan selected to enhance the personality and flexibility of each unique space.


Healthpeak lobby area with lighting by TLA

Healthpeak lobby area with lighting by TLA

Area 1: Main lobby and elevator lobby

Key design elements and lighting products include:

  • Black wood ceiling – planks dropped down from the main ceiling with linear lighting parallel to planks to create an invisible ambient glow.
  • Denver 3D mural and ledger stone wall utilize Focal Point wall grazers with a Focus Wall Wash to create depth and interest.

(Be sure to read our March Tech Corner here for the rules you need to know to graze, wash, and flood your way to lighting success and learn about the techniques used on the mural and ledger stone walls.)


Healthpeak coffee bar area with lighting by TLA


Area 2: Coffee bar and communal seating

Key design elements and lighting products include:

  • Peripheral linear lighting defines and illuminates the space. Ryan and Ashley selected Huntington 3 from Extant, which illuminates seamlessly from the side for a clean and distraction-free installation. Additionally, Huntington 3 can be installed in a shallow plenum giving even more flexibility.
  • RBW’s Gala pendants featuring the elongated globe bring an authentic and organic feel to the conversation area while breaking up the rectilinear space, accented by foxed mirrors, diagonal whitewashed wood paneling, and petrol blue tables and wall details.
  • The space is anchored by cove lighting over a geometric architectural piece – Ryan and Ashley selected the VODE 707z Zipwave to push light up into the ceiling cove thus creating an open and airy yet defined and modern ambiance.
  • Over the coffee bar, FocalPoint’s Focus both illuminates and accentuates the dark charcoal grey paneling, tiles, and cabinetry.

As a fun side note, the Acquilano Interior Architecture team is in the photos!


Healthpeak open office area with lighting by TLA

Area 3: Open offices

Key design elements and lighting products include:

  • Mixed wood tones on the workstations, doors, walls, and pendant lights.
  • Ashley and Ryan selected the Stickbulb 10 ft Pendant in EOBB Ebonized Oak with Brushed Brass finish to soften up the space and harmonize with the metal wall sculpture, various woodgrains, and clean organic color palette.


Healthpeak private offices and passageways bar area with lighting by TLA

Healthpeak private offices and passageways bar area with lighting by TLA

Area 4: Passageways and private offices

Key design elements and lighting products include:


We asked Ryan to summarize the scope and final results of this project:

HealthPeak Properties was a fun project to work on due to multiple elements, types of fixtures, and different finishes.

But without the enhanced capabilities of the new flexible technologies we specified — in both lighting products and controls protocols — achieving Ashley’s all-encompassing vision of a dynamic, reconfigurable, and aesthetically beautiful workspace would not have been possible.


He also noted that while not necessary, the drop-in ceilings present throughout much of the office space will make future wall and use-case re-configurations cleaner and easier by avoiding messy and time-consuming drywall work, contributing further to the client’s desire for a flexible, future-proof space.

The HealthPeak Properties 8th floor buildout was TLA’s first major foray into a fully reconfigurable workspace utilizing cutting-edge interior architectural design and lighting technologies, but it certainly will not be the last. The concepts and product advances supporting flexible and future-proof workplaces continue to trend as companies return to their physical offices and plan strategically for the continued growth and evolution of their businesses.

Thank you for joining us today on the Spotlight Blog! Please reach out to your TLA Sales Rep with any questions about specific products featured in this post, and be sure to click over to our March Tech Corner with TLA’s Applications Engineering Manager, Robert Hawkins, to learn about how to successfully implement the washing, grazing, and flooding techniques featured in our project photos.

See you next time!

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