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Two New Options from Kreon in Ambient & Accent Lighting

May 27, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff


Versatile and stylish, these two new accent options from Kreon create discreet yet functional lighting solutions to create the beautiful feel of light without hot spots.



Introducing Onn from Kreon: A new and enhanced luminaire ideal for highlighting all types of ceilings.


TLA product spotlight: Onn by Kreon

Kreon Onn-Wall


The simple and archetypical volume of Kreon Onn-Wall creates indirect ambient lighting making it an ideal fixture for highlighting all types of ceilings. Kreon onn-wall 165 and 300  luminaires come in two beam options.

Gen 1 uses narrow beam and TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens technology for a forward throw light distribution without on the wall hot spots.

Gen 2, a wide beam, uses faceted reflectors by Bartenbach Lichtlabor for high output and evenly spread indirect light distribution.



TLA product spotlight Kreon Onn specs



Holon 40

Kreon has just announced new product enhancements on Holon 40!


TLA Product Spotlight Kreon Holon 40

Kreon Holon 40



Kreon’s Holon 40 is a range of cylindrical luminaires characterized by its compact form and deep-set LED position, providing a subtle feeling of light without the uncomfortable sight of light. Kreon holon 40 can provide a discreet yet functional solution to general or accent lighting within architecture.


Kreon Holon 40 Specs




Holon can be finished in black for a dramatic ceiling contrast or pure white for a more harmonious integration. Kreon Holon 40 is now available with a new, double focus lens in combination with a dark light louver for higher visual comfort.


TLA product spotlight on Kreon Holon 40


Did you know? Kreon Holon 40 is now available on the 48v track system. See the spec sheet. 



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