Trick-or-Treat Product Spotlight with Beta-Calco & Eureka

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Trick-or-Treat Product Spotlight with Beta-Calco & Eureka

Oct 14, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff

We’re so excited to debut two new statement-making product families from our friends at Eureka and Beta-Calco.

We love these luminaires because they deliver equal amounts of “visual treat” and “tech trick” as they light-up your room. Read on to experience these design marvels.

First up: A modern, shapeshifting, customizable pendant from Beta-Calco.

This STARBURST is sweeeet—and we’re not talking about the candy!


Starburst by Beta-Calco


Starburst by Beta Calco in context

STARBURST is a collection of kinetic pendants that when in compact form are a semblance of stars. They can manually expand into a larger circle, triangle, or quad.



Starburst by beta calco next to fall tree

Starburst can adapt to either organic or cosmic interior designs.  The overlapping and interlacing of multiple brackets create contours that resemble elements of nature and can evoke feelings of well-being and positivity.

The angularity of the brackets and diffusers complement futuristic themes that communicate innovation, high-tech, and the avant-garde. As a single pendant, STARBURST acts as an illuminated art piece. When multiplied and layered, a celestial effect is created.

With three shapes, each with the ability to create multiple organic forms, and range of color finishes, STARBURST creates endless design possibilities.


Starburst by beta calco comes in three shapes

Color options for starburst by beta calco

Color options for starburst by beta calco


To experience the beauty and versatility of this line, check out the STARBURST – Deep Dive with designer Jacob Antoni and Beta-Calco’s VP of Product, Brenda Robinson.



Berri by Eureka Lighting

And to round-out this product spotlight, say hello to BERRI from Eureka Lighting

Putting a deliciously fresh twist on classic ball and seamless tube components, BERRI comes configured in various geometries and sizes to suit your design specifications. These luminaires can be arranged to create show-stopping lighting designs for spaces of any size, from classic to contemporary.

Pick your flavor or mix it up with multiple shapes and sizes!


Berri by eureka straight up pendants

STRAIGHT UP – 7 vertical configurations from 3 ft to over 9 ft high. Add visual interest to high ceilings or arrange into a modern chandelier as a staircase centerpiece.



Berri by eureka angles

THE RIGHT ANGLES – square or rectangular configurations accommodate 4 to 12 luminous heads each for the right size and feel for your space.



Berri by eureka hexagons

HEXAGONS – our go-to large scale shape to define a meeting or gathering space – available in three impressive formats from 60” to 120” wide!



Berri by eureka

LINEAR ATTITUDE – seven playful designs are on the horizon with adjustable angles and multiple finishes to create your signature cluster or give rhythm to a corridor.



Berri by eureka linear ten angle options

PLAY (ALL) THE ANGLES – ten funky angular configurations can hang vertically, flat, or at any angle up to 60 degrees – find freedom in your next design.



Berri by Eureka adds volume

ADD VOLUME – bring three-dimensional appeal to your lofty space by building a single pendant with multiple interlocking elements for an intricate, yet unified visual statement.

Watch this video to see BERRI in action!

Want to see more? Click over to the STARBURST product page, visit the BERRI product page, and contact your TLA Sales Rep to learn more about how you can include these Trick-or-Treat worthy luminaires in your next residential or commercial design.

Thanks for joining us today on the TLA Spotlight Blog!

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