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TLA Team Favorite Featuring A-Light Relay

Aug 20, 2021 | Products

By Chris Davis


Thanks for joining me on the TLA Spotlight Blog! Keeping with my tradition of focusing on the “cool stuff,” I wanted to be the first to tell you all about the new A-Light Relay product line.


Relay lighting by A Light in context of yoga studio

Why choose Relay for your next design project?

Here are four great reasons to get us started:

  • Because it is aesthetically cool!
  • It offers strong performance!
  • Relay can both accentuate and illuminate your space!
  • It’s versatile and budget-friendly. Due to its strong performance, Relay can be used to provide both the decorative look and the ambient layer of light in the space eliminating the need for an additional ambient lighting system!


Beyond the excellent illumination capabilities and A+ aesthetics, I love that they can also incorporate acoustics in the products as well. Here is a strong example of such incorporation in a conference room setting as well as without acoustics in an open office.

Relay lighting by A Light

Relay lighting by A Light in context


Patterns, radiused corners in both 90° and 120° means we can make unique shapes without it being “custom”—and that saves both time and money.

Different shapes and corners available for Relay by A Light


Tailor Relay to your needs

And it gets even better… You get to pick the corners, the lengths of the sides, acoustic panels (in 30 colors that also coincide with Eureka’s acoustic offering!) as well as true performance with 3 different indirect optics. I particularly like the indirect batwing wide for conference rooms where you want a little more punch above the fixture and being able to pair that with Extra-Wide batwing in the open office areas.


Different shapes and corners available for Relay by A Light


The direct component is bug-free so the maintenance folks will love you! It features an indirect style optic that allows us to go with a completely smooth, lens-free open optic.


Different shapes and corners available for Relay by A Light


NO LENS! Light shines up inside the concave structure of the fixture to eliminate the lens completely!  The product also has CCT options from 2700K through 5000K to real dial in the color temperature with energy efficacies starting at 106 lm/W and just get better from there!

Relay lighting by A Light in context


In conclusion, Relay is also a great way to accentuate larger open spaces while providing noise attenuation and adding the necessary layer of ambient light all from one fixture. Let’s call it a win-win-win.


Relay lighting by A Light in context


See Relay in action in the video below 


Want further information on A-Light Relay?  Check out their microsite or just give us a call, text, or email and we will get you whatever you may need.

Thanks for reading along and we’ll see you next time!

Best regards,
Chris Davis, Lighting Specialist


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