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TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: BuzziSpace Acoustic Lighting

Jun 14, 2022 | Products

By TLA Staff

Because great design should bring a smile to your face, pick your favorite acoustic lighting from a wide range of fabrics for either functional or decorative purposes—and experience the impact on happiness and well-being at work.

We’re here to round up our top five picks for the BuzziSpace acoustic lighting designs you need to know about for your next project!


BuzziBell in office space by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting

1. BuzziBell

BuzziBell is a noise-absorbing pendant light that steals the show in every space.

It is a diffused functional LED light housed in a bold bell shape. Match your lighting with the other furniture to experience its power.


BuzziBell in colorful office space by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting


Three things we love about BuzziBell:

  1. The most popular acoustic light from BuzziSpace
  2. The harmonious curve of its bell-shape adds softness to a room with the textural look of felt and a delicate, defused light source or high-performance LED engine
  3. The curved shape has an increased performance on capturing sound waves in the room




BuzziShield Light above modern couch by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting

2. BuzziShield Light

BuzziSpace’s first linear lighting solution that is fully integrated into an upholstered core.

The BuzziShield Light elegantly combines the acoustic capabilities of a voluminous body with the addition of functional light, making this acoustic powerhouse suited for any workspace.


BuzziShield Light options by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting


Three things we love about BuzziShield Light:

  1. A rich and voluminous acoustic body immediately evokes a warm and welcoming workspace while absorbing excessive noise
  2. Dimmable to create the ambiance your environment requires
  3. Offered in both a Medium and Large variant in three different heights means that you can easily mix and match various models to create a dynamic and engaging arrangement




BuzziShade in modern dining space by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting

3. BuzziShade

BuzziShade prevents eavesdroppers from hearing your private conversations and reduces external noise levels to a minimum.

This noise-reducing pendant accommodates the demand for both sound absorption and light.



Three things we love about BuzziShade:

  1. The iconic shade is now offered in plus sizes: BuzziShade XL and BuzziShade XXL for a total of five size options
  2. These oversized shades act as a cocoon with sound-absorbing capabilities, delimiting a space with elegance and silence
  3. BuzziShade Pendant LED is both cULus and CE listed





BuzziLight Mono in by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting

4. BuzziLight Mono

BuzziLight was the first acoustic lighting solution launched by BuzziSpace in 2008.

The lamp’s design encompassed their mission to deliver designs that merged diffused lighting, fun and acoustics.



Three things we love about BuzziLight Mono:

  1. As the light peeks through the patterns, dramatic shadows extend outwards to the walls
  2. The felt body has a large surface area that with a cylindrical design traps sound waves within its circular body. In turn, the round shape reduces noise from all sides
  3. Combine different suspension heights to prevent sound traveling in large space with high ceilings


And last but certainly not least…



Close up of BuzziCone by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting

5. BuzziCone

Meet BuzziCone, classic yet original noise-reducing lighting which offers the best of both worlds: light and silence.

This cone-shaped slim pendant in soft BuzziFelt offers elegant decorative light and powerful acoustic performance, being the perfect addition to any setting.


BuzziCone variations by TLA new manufacturer BuzziSpace acoustic lighting



Three things we love about BuzziCone:

  1. This pendant lamp reduces external noise levels to a minimum thanks to its big surface and concave shape
  2. Take your pick from 2 integrated LED options for a retrofit solution
  3. Available in a wide range of striking BuzziFelt colors and you can be even more creative by adding an extra layer of fabric to the BuzziFelt (inside or outside)


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