TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Bover Barcelona Lights

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TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Bover Barcelona Lights

May 19, 2022 | Products

By TLA Staff


TLA represented manufacturer Bover Barcelona Lights Sophisticated Cabrera


“Those of us who live near the Mediterranean know all the nuances of light. For this reason, when night comes, we transform it into little spacelets of day.”

– Lluís Porqueras


About Bover

Bover was born in 1996 “thanks to a wonderful coincidence.” Its founder, Joana Bover, who came from the audiovisual industry, was introduced to the universe of lighting when an architect friend invited her to participate in the design of special structures made of iron for the Seville Expo ’92.

One project led to another, organically growing into one of the most prestigious lighting companies in Spain.

Bover’s design philosophy is an interweaving of contrast and order, beauty, light, culture, and elegance. These principles and attitudes express their ideas and “way of seeing and feeling the life that surrounds us.”

With this objective, Joana surrounds herself with designers who fit the brand’s philosophy.

Keep reading to experience the beauty of Bover’s collection through a virtual vacation featuring Team TLA’s favorite luminaires…


TLA represented manufacturer Bover Barcelona Lights pendants in colorful outdoor cabana

The Nans Outdoor Collection x Joana Bover

 Cala Nans is a small cove in Cadaquès accessible only by footpaths or by sea.

An unspoiled corner of the Mediterranean where the vegetation and an old lighthouse’s vigil make this place a natural spot where all you can hear are the sound of the sea and of the birds that fly over the coast.

The Nans Outdoor Collection x Joana Bover highlights the craftsmanship of the lampshades and looks for a different way of weaving by combining different colors and formats to create a true Mediterranean style.


Experience the Nans Outdoor Collection…



TLA manufactuer Bover Barcelona Lights circular collection

The Circular Collection x Benedito Design

The Circular Collection is the result of the combination of design and architecture to create lights for large spaces. With this piece, Benedito Design accomplishes maximum expression with minimum materials. Circular offers great versatility with its combination of formats and finishes.

Its timeless yet contemporary design gives it character and perfectly illuminates spaces of high architectural value.



TLA Bover Barcelona Lights Suspension Blanco Mate Ambiente Dome Colelction

The Dome Collection x Benedetta Tagliabue

The Dome Collection x Benedetta Tagliabue acknowledges that the integration of design, art, and light in architecture is timeless. Maybe, this is the reason why lamps have gradually stopped being just an item emitting light to become a light sculpture that confers a special personality to the product and its environment.

It is such the importance of light that any change on the item can alter the formal concept of the whole project.



Product spotlight on The Invisible Collection by TLA manufacturer Bover


Want more Bover? Read about the Invisible Collection, a German Design Award Winner.


For morning information on any of the products featured in today’s post or Bover’s collection of timeless, architecturally inspired luminaires, please reach out to your favorite TLA Sales Rep, or contact us.

Thanks for joining us on the Spotlight Blog and we’ll see you for the next New Manufacturer Spotlight soon!

– Team TLA

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