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TLA Design Digest: New ‘Eye Candy’ from Artemide and Karice

Oct 29, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff


Hi there, we’ve got new eye candy from two inspirational manufacturers to share in this edition of the TLA Design Digest.

Beyond their ability to light up your space, these two new luminaires represent the type of technologically brilliant sculptural art that is only possible when world-renowned artists team-up with world-class lighting manufacturers. And we think you’ll agree that the resulting collections are nothing short of sweet!

Our first luminaire is truly a work of art—or to be more precise, bronze sculptural lighting art.

Spheres by Karice Lighting


TLA Spheres Karice Lighting


Karice Lighting presents SPHERES from their heirloom-worthy bronze sculptural art series.

This luminaire is a collaboration between world-renowned artist and sculptor Marie Khouri, and Maurice Laurent Dery of Karice, with each unique creation hand-perfected by the artist herself.

SPHERES is cast out of genuine bronze and embodies the stunning artistry and sophisticated design that is synonymous with Karice Lighting. Handcrafted Lighting made in Canada Local to Vancouver, BC: As with all Karice products, all lights are handcrafted in their facility in South Surrey.


TLA Spheres Karice Lighting


Spheres are various sizes 3″ diameter x 9.5″ Diameter
Finishes: Genuine Bronze, Patinated Bronze Tubes
Low Voltage
Integral Dim-to-Warm LED illumination


In terms of eye candy, we place Spheres somewhere between the most amazing chocolate-dipped bon-bon imaginable, and the white and milk chocolate truffle to end all truffles—so rich and decadent!


TLA Spheres Karice Lighting



Calipso Linear System by Artemide


TLA Artemide Calipso Linear System


Next up is the Calipso Linear Systems from the iconic lighting manufacturer Artemide.

Artemide has produced one eye-candy-worthy design collaboration after another for decades, and you are going to love their newest offering which is the perfect fusion of function and aesthetics.

The unique honeycomb grill of Calipso was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm found on a seemingly extinct computer. The resulting fractal shape is an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature, built from an organic honeycomb of different diameter tubes, seemingly arranged in a random geometry.

This honeycomb characterizes the lamp both aesthetically and optically—not only is it visually pleasing, but it also provides an even and comfortable light emission.

The result is a highly emotional lighting object that joins together optical and aesthetic intelligence. The fixture is also UGR <19 making it suitable for offices and other locations.


TLA Artemide Calipso Linear System


The Calipso Linear System is available as a linear ceiling or suspension in 3 sizes, 60, 120, and 180 that can be connected at 180- or 90-degree angles to create the desired shape and design. The modules are connected using a series of joint kits and end caps.

Calipso was designed by Scottish-born and Paris-based Neil Poulton. Poulton is a multiple-award-winning and technology-based product designer who focuses on simple, mass-produced objects of practical use.



In terms of eye candy, the Calipso Linear System is one-part honeycomb, one-part ribbon candy, and one hundred percent sweet!


TLA Artemide Calipso Linear System


Want to learn more about either of these sweet new product lines? Contact your TLA Sales Rep for all the details on how you can integrate these innovative and art-inspired luminaires in your next residential or commercial design.

Thanks for joining us today on the TLA Spotlight Blog!



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