Thirteen Products We Love from April Light Club Manufacturers

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Thirteen Products We Love from April Light Club Manufacturers

May 2, 2022 | Products

By TLA Staff

It’s been a while since we’ve done a product design roundup…

After April Light Club, we felt so inspired by the reps and their presentations that we decided now was a great time for a BIG design spotlight.

Featuring some of Team TLA’s favorite products from the thirteen manufacturers at last week’s event, this post has everything from commercial linear lighting systems to sleek and modern outdoor lighting solutions.

Keep scrolling to find stunning and versatile luminaires for your next design project! (And don’t forget to register to attend Light Club in June!)


Artemide: Calipso Linear Systems x Neil Poulton

Product spotlight on Calipso by TLA represented manufacturer Artemide

Design inspiration

The unique honeycomb grill of Calipso Linear Systems was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm found on a seemingly extinct computer. The resulting fractal shape is an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature, built from an organic honeycomb of different diameter tubes, seemingly arranged in random geometry.

Three reasons to love this linear system:

  1. Emotional design aesthetics merge seamlessly with even and comfortable light emission
  2. Available as a linear ceiling or suspension in 3 sizes, 60, 120, and 180 that can be connected at 180- or 90-degree angles to create the desired shape and design
  3. Calipso is both modern and emotional, which makes it perfectly suited for both residential and commercial applications


Beta-Calco: New surface mount options in OOOOH, LE LOUVRE, BLOCK, and TUNNEL

Product spotlight on OOOOH, LE LOUVRE, BLOCK, and TUNNEL by TLA represented manufacturer Beta Calco

Design inspiration

OOOOH dazzles up traditional linear lighting concepts with an innovative louver system. An assembly of ellipses is incurved to conform to a tunnel-shaped profile creating a subtle aesthetic and sublime lighting effect.

BLOCK, while designed in the classic form, is a linear system like no other. It is unique in two magnitudes: 1 – output, BLOCK surpasses the typical levels of output and efficacy, 2 – BLOCK delivers on specification capabilities.

LE LOUVRE has the advantage compared to basic diffuser-based downlight solutions by offering improved visual comfort with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) less than 9.

TUNNEL revives the classic functional form into a charming new style with an incurved enhancement. With this design flair comes great functionality.

Three reasons to love this linear system:

  • Louver systems not only temper the starkness of the commonly exposed diffuser and adds an enchanting decorative feature but also offer visual comfort by minimizing glare.
  • Modern design flair combines with great functionality that adapts to various performance needs.
  • Twelve finishes make finding the right color for your project a breeze.


Bover: The Invisible Collection, a German Design Award Winner

Product spotlight on The Invisible Collection by TLA manufacturer Bover

Design inspiration

The simplicity of the Invisible Collection makes it unique and gives it authenticity and individual identity. The different positions of its arms and heads generate multiple compositions that convey a sense of almost complete weightlessness reminiscent of a mobile.

Three reasons to love this collection:

  1. Achieves the perfect balance between contemporary design and technical functionality.
  2. Multiple versions to extend your design vision throughout a space.
  3. Adjustable positioning provides focused illumination where you want it.


Cerno: Creo wall sconce

Product spotlight on Creo Wall Sconce by TLA manufacturer Cerno

Design inspiration

Creo is inspired by nature and designed to handle the elements.

Three reasons to love this outdoor sconce:

  1. Creo’s ceramic shade is hand-crafted in Laguna Beach of unglazed terracotta.
  2. The modern form works well in clean, minimalist outdoor and indoor environments and in more transitional spaces.
  3. Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K with a color accuracy of 90+ CRI


Dado: SimpleLineLED, the original fixture the thickness of drywall

Product spotlight on SimpleLineLED by TLA manufacturer Dado

Design inspiration

The original fixture that’s the thickness of drywall: “Draw a line, and we will build a fixture around it.”

SimpleLineLED may be mounted on walls, ceilings, and across corners—from horizontal to vertical and every angle in between. No special framing is required due to its zero cavity, IC-rated construction.

Three reasons to love this zero cavity linear lighting system:

  1. 5”, 2.5”, 3.0” 4.0”, and 6.0” widths. Order to any length. Can be field cut upon order for a perfect fit!
  2. LED panels are easily accessed through front lens.
  3. One-piece lenses up to 26ft standard length (rolls up to 48” D for shipping).


Extant – Huntington 3

Product spotlight on HUNTINGTON 3 by TLA manufacturer Extant

Design inspiration from

“At Extant, we’re driven to define what’s next.

Together, we design and craft architectural lighting on the California coast. And we do it with style. Imagination defines us, that, and a commitment to thinking on the bright side. Unbound by convention, we dare differently. It’s why we don’t hesitate to dive into the deep-end to discover better ways of doing business.”

Three reasons to love the Huntington 3 multi-tasking lighting system:

  1. Innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics™ delivers sophisticated fixtures with unparalleled optic control, exceptional performance with seamless illumination and uniformity. Specify Batwing, Glare Control or Diffused Optics.
  2. Individual fixture lengths and seamless continuous rows with no lens breaks up to 400 feet.
  3. Proudly crafted in Huntington Beach, CA – USA.


Kreon: Down 80 project downlight

Product spotlight on Down 80 by TLA manufacturer Kreon

Design inspiration

Kreon Down 80 project downlights are the perfect solution for general lighting and offer efficient and eye-pleasing comfort in every room.

Three reasons to love this versatile luminaire:

  1. Available in fixed or directional downlight versions.
  2. Choice of three possible beam angles.
  3. Includes a glare snoot for lighting comfort.


Ligman: Sydney Symmetrical Post Top

Product spotlight on Sydney Symmetrical Post Top by TLA manufacturer Ligman

Design inspiration

Suitable for wet locations, Sydney Symmetrical Post Top is a modern post top luminaire with excellent downward symmetrical light distribution and visual appeal. The precision optical system gives very low glare rating, while reducing light pollution. Designed for lighting entrances, footpaths, and car parks.

Three reasons to love this modern outdoor luminaire:

  • Low copper content die-cast aluminum housing with high corrosion resistance.
  • High performance COB LED light engine.
  • Durable silicone rubber gasket and clear toughened glass.

MP Lighting – The L801 series

Product spotlight on The L801 Series by TLA Manufacturer MP Lighting

Design inspiration

The L801 series offers a new, versatile linear LED lighting fixture with six highly customizable inserts in a truly modern rail housing that was designed with commercial projects in mind. It can be anything you need: a stand-out piece for a board room or a trusty surface-mounted linear light for your office.

Three reasons to love the L801 linear system:

  1. Available in a wide variety of wattages and color temperatures with louvre accessories for extra glare control.
  2. Beauty and utility combine – BA (black anodized) rail looks stunning when suspended and provides great architectural detail to an office setting.
  3. Choose from different inserts and colors to create a custom lighting solution tailored to your project’s needs.


Nulite: Volūm pendant lighting system

Product spotlight on Volūm pendant lighting system by TLA manufacturer Nulite

Design inspiration

Volūm is an ideal solution for the modern workspace that demands energy performance, brightness management and architectural styling that makes a statement.

Three reasons to love Volūm:

  1. Sleek synthesis of modern design and the latest lighting technology.
  2. By indirectly reflecting light off of advanced optics, the LED technology creates a soft appearance that’s easy on the eyes.
  3. Also available in four distinctive wood grain finishes to complement your design vision.


Selux: Line round column and bollard pathway lights

Line round column and bollard pathway lights by TLA manufacturerer Selux

Design inspiration

With the Line, Selux is rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing the look of street light­ing. The slim (4 12 inch), modern column or bol­lard that per­forms and sup­ports the calm, clear urban land­scape.

Three reasons to love Line:

  1. Ability to com­bine mul­ti­ple light engines to create var­i­ous dis­tri­b­u­tions, enabling flex­i­bil­ity of design in a stun­ning and har­mo­nious look.
  2. Delicate in form and customizable.
  3. Single or double light source in 3000 K or 4000 K and up to 1500lm.


Spitzer – Sol architectural round pendant luminaire

Sol architectural round pendant luminaire by TLA manufacaturer Spitzer

Design inspiration

Sol is beautiful, modern, and stylish with multiple diameters, color temperatures and mounting options to enhance any professional interior.

Three reasons to love this architectural round pendant:

  1. Light Output: up to 15,000lm.
  2. Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors.
  3. Dimming range from 0 to 10.


Vode – ZipTwo linear lighting system

ZipTwo linear lighting system by TLA manufacturer Vode

Design inspiration

“We threw ZipTwo against the wall. It stuck suspended…”

ZipTwo is a Vode staple and comes down from the plenum to grace every table.

Three reasons to love this new linear pendant:

  1. Mounts nearly anywhere with its slim, lightweight, minimalist design.
  2. Multiple optics and configurations give designers the power to create and design an entire space using one product.
  3. Newly expanded line offers 8 profiles and over 39 different optics.


Thank you for joining us today on the TLA Spotlight blog! Please reach out to your favorite TLA Sales Rep for more information or contact us through one of the email addresses below.

See you next time,
—Team TLA

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