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Tech Corner | November Spotlight

Nov 23, 2020 | Products

by Nick Berry


Echoflex an ETC Company


Simple Controls from Echoflex Solutions

The first innovative solution you need to know about this November.

Do you love simple, wireless controls? We do!

If you answered “YES!” read-on to learn more about how you can include products from ECHOFLEX SOLUTIONS, an ETC Company, on your next project.

Love wireless, but hate batteries?

  • ECHOFLEX eliminates the maintenance costs of batteries by using self-powered (battery-free), wireless switch and sensor products that lead the industry when it comes to “life in the dark,” and available features.


Echoflex products

Love wireless but hate programming and pairing?


Reading a Tagging Label

Love wireless, and love flexibility in load controllers?

If you’re looking for “simple controls,” you need to put Echoflex Soultions on the short list for your project. Contact me, Nick Berry, / Cell: 303-596-2574, to schedule a 15 minute presentation.

Next up is METHODIK by Acuity Brands

Methodik logo

If you haven’t tried this new tool – now is the time to make your next job easier!

With the ever evolving complexity of lighting control energy code, it can be hard to keep up and ensure you’re providing the necessary Sequence of Operation (SOO) for a given code. However, with Acuity Brand’s new tool called METHODIK you can produce a code compliant sequence of operation in just 5 clicks!

The tool will not only produce your Sequence of Operation, but can also give “Good, Better, Best” fixture and control suggestions as they relate to each room type.

Start using this powerful today, and as always, reach out to me with questions, or any other lighting controls needs!



Because winter is coming, and you don’t want to be left in the dark during a power outage… read on to find out why Eventlite Inverter Solutions builds a better inverter.


Evenlite Inverter Solutions – Not All Inverters are Created the Same!

With Facilities in both Pennsylvania and California, this US based company has designed, manufactured, and marketed a full range of emergency lighting products since 1993. Their reliability, support, and full range product offering far surpass other manufacturers on the market!


Evenlite products


Thanks for joining me for the Tech Corner November Spotlight! Contact me with any questions on the featured products, and for all your lighting controls needs: / Cell: 303-596-2574

Hope to hear from you soon!



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