Team TLA Product Pick: INNIE x Brownlee Lighting

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Team TLA Product Pick: INNIE x Brownlee Lighting

Jun 27, 2022 | Products

This popular luminaire from Brownlee Lighting is even better with an array of 2022 updates for enhanced performance, looks, and the addition of large-scale sizes. Read on to find out what’s new with INNIE!



INNIE Overhaul

Brownlee has officially introduced bigger sizes (30″ & 42″ dia.), an indirect component, new lumen packages, new finishes, and more. The “Innie” luminaire features an inset diffuser, allowing for fun finish combinations at reasonable price points.

Now available in four sizes: 16″, 20″, 30″, and 42″ diameters

Up to 19,000 delivered lumens


Sizes of Innie by Brownlee Lighting


Click to view surface options and pendant options for Innie


Innie Brownlee Lighting Museum Context

3 reasons to choose the INNIE

Top three reasons that INNIE is a Team TLA pick:

  1. Customizable and available in a range of color and finish options.
  2. The inset diffuser allows for a variety of alternating exterior versus interior finish combinations.
  3. Fun, architectural, and reasonably priced – perfect for both commercial and residential applications.


Close up details of Innie by Brownlee Lighting

INNIE’s Availability

– 16″ & 20″ sizes with new lumen packages: Available now.
– Uplight component (UP1/UP2): Available now.
– White Oak (replacing Bamboo): Available now.

– 30″ & 42″ sizes: Accepting orders now, production will begin mid-July.


Innie from Brownlee Lighting in library context


INNIE ordering information

Ordering codes and lumen packages have changed on the 16″ and 20″ sizes.

This change does not affect pricing.

Orders entered 6/20/2022 and forward will utilize Brownlee’s new round LED modules* (with new lumen packages) unless otherwise stated in writing by Brownlee at order confirmation. Spec sheets are officially live with the updated lumen packages and ordering codes. No need to worry, the new outputs are comparable to or higher than the old. The ordering logic change is very simple – see below.

Plug & Play (serviceable) LED components. 120-277V / 0-10V dimming standard (no change). Line voltage triac phase dimming option still available (no change).

Delivered lumens shown in 3500K CCT.
16” Size: 12L – 12W nominal, 1,017 lm. (Replaces: “B12” / 893 lm)
16” Size: 24L – 24W nominal, 1,916 lm. (Replaces: “B24” / 1,785 lm)

20” Size: 34L – 34W nominal, 2,858 lm. (Replaces: “C34” / 2,344 lm)
20” Size: 49L – 49W nominal, 3,797 lm. (Replaces: “C49” / 3,216 lm)

30” Size: 50L – 50W nominal, 4,996 lm.
30” Size: 98L – 98W nominal, 9,414 lm.

42” Size: 93L – 93W nominal, 10,410 lm.
42” Size: 183L – 183W nominal, 19,051 lm.

UPLIGHT 1: UP1 – 16W nominal, 1,600 lm. Indirect.
UPLIGHT 2: UP2 – 22W nominal, 2,220 lm. Indirect.

Innie by Brownlee Lighting in office contexy


Want more information on any of the INNIE configurations featured in this post or another Brownlee luminaire? Contact your favorite TLA Sales Rep or shoot us an email today — our team of Denver and Colorado Springs-based lighting professionals is here to help!

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