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Spotlight on Precision Lighting Solutions from Aculux

Jul 23, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff


Presenting the AX4 Series of Architectural 4 Inch LED Recessed Lighting!

The performance-inspired Aculux AX series is the most precise and high­est performing family of architectural luminaires from Aculux. Designed for the most discerning lighting designers, the newly enhanced best-in-class 4-inch aperture AX4 delivers up to 3200 lumens while offering more precise beams than ever before.

With precision engineering, this comprehensive line of downlights features uniform performance with adjustable, and wall wash luminaires that provide industry best cut off and glare control to deliver quiet ceilings that inspire. In addition, the new generation asymmetric lensed wall wash luminaire delivers exceptional uniformity from ceiling to floor.


Aculux AX series in large sunlit commercial space

Aculux AX4: Key Product Features

Diagram of Aculux AX precision optics

Spot On! Precision Optics

Now available with 11 smooth, striation-free optical distributions. Use high center-beam distributions for high contrast accent applications or utilize the wide batwing distribution for uniform general illumination. The wide batwing distribution provides 1.1 S:MH, similar to 90° distributions from competitors, without sacrificing visual cutoff.


Aculux AX4 optical assembly

Translating Optical Assembly

With the patented translating optical assembly, center-beam optics and 45° visual cutoff is maintained regardless of ceiling thickness.


Diagram of Diagram of Aculux AX4 wall wash uniformity

Superior Wall Wash Uniformity

New redesigned asymmetric lensed wall wash luminaire, delivers exceptional uniformity ceiling to floor.


Aculux AX4 precision installation

Tru-Line™ Precision Installation

The final design is only as good as the installation … The patented Pro-VI™ bar hangers, coupled with patented +/-1/2” aperture translation and +/- 45° aperture rotation makes perfect fixture to fixture alignment achievable.


Aculux AX4 acu-aim precision aiming

Acu-Aim™ Precision Aiming

Aculux delivers a smooth, effortless aiming session. The precision geared aiming provides 45° vertical adjustment and 370°rotation. The optimized center-beam optics results in highly efficient, low brightness apertures absent of glare or flash.

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