Spotlight on Treeline x Stickbulb (and 3 Reasons to Choose it for Your Next Project)

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Spotlight on Treeline x Stickbulb (and 3 Reasons to Choose it for Your Next Project)

Jun 4, 2024 | Featured, Products

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our favorite architectural luminaires, infused with intention down to the very wood it’s made with.

Treeline from Stickbulb is powerful and beautiful, delivering up to 1800 lumens per foot from a salvaged wood enclosure.

A woman in a work jumpsuit holds architectural luminaire Treeline by Stickbulb lighting in front of her

It is the first consumer product made from fallen trees in NYC’s urban forest. Three iconic wood finishes—black, natural, and white—celebrate the unique and rich texture of this storied material.

Take it from Ryan Stewart, TLA Principal, who had the opportunity to witness the early stages of Treeline’s product development:

“I always appreciate when a factory takes our input on the design and construction of a new product, and I’m excited to see where Treeline will go. The folks at Stickbulb are great, and they have put substantial thought into this design. They’re not only focused on beauty and design, but also on sustainability and maintenance. I’m looking forward to seeing this product in Colorado on some of the amazing projects happening right now… Thanks, Stickbulb!”

Keep scrolling for three reasons why Treeline is a unique, sustainable choice for your next commercial lighting project.


A pile of pine oak tree trunks stacked in front of NYC skyline

1. Sustainable wood sourcing

New York City is home to over 7 million street and park trees, collectively called NYC’s urban forest. Did you know that over 12,500 Pin-oak trees are removed in NYC yearly because of storms and planned construction?

In the past, these trees were chipped. Now, Stickbulb works with the NYC Parks Department and other urban forestry partners to divert this wood from the waste stream and utilize it in Treeline.


Hands touch a beautiful cut log of wood to be made into Treeline photo by Brian Kelley

Stickbulb is an active coalition member of Forest For All NYC, a broad and diverse coalition formed to demonstrate the vast support for the New York City urban forest. Through its sponsorship of Trees New York, Stickbulb supports a greater mission to plant, preserve, and protect the city’s urban forest through education and community participation.



Close up of material and finish samples for Treeline by Stickbulb lighting

2. Proudly made in NYC

The salvaged wood is processed and milled on the Brooklyn waterfront, 1.16 miles from Stickbulb’s studio. Working with wood from the NYC urban forest posed unique challenges, such as nails and fence posts embedded within tree trunks. After the wood is processed, it is brought to the NYC studio, where the production team carefully makes Treeline.



Stickbulb hangs above a modern desk in office

3. Designed to last

Treeline’s patent-pending Future Proof Panel opens without tools to provide clear visibility and access to all electrical components and wiring connections, ensuring easy maintenance, repair, and end-of-life processing.


A hand reaches to hold Stickbulb's Treeline shown in three finishes


Treeline features

Offered in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, or 8ft lengths

Available in DirectIndirect, and Direct+Indirect configurations

Wood is offered in Natural, White, and Black finishes. See here for details. In addition to Natural, Black, and White finishes, TREELINE can be customized to match any color finish or wood type. For information on custom finishes, please visit.

90+ for all fixtures

Up to 1800 lumens/ft

Narrow, Wide, Asymmetric, and Batwing options are available.

Treeline luminaire by Stickbulb hangs above mid century modern style dining room table and chairs

Discover Stickbulb’s Decorative Collection

Born from a pile of scrap wood, the principal objective of Stickbulb has always been to create more light with less waste.

In addition to the architectural Treeline, Stickbulb offers a Decorative Collection available in five carefully curated wood types: sustainably sourced Maple, Walnut, and Ebonized Oak, as well as reclaimed Heart Pine and Water Tower Redwood.

Love what you see? Talk to your TLA Sales Rep today about Treeline or any of Stickbulb’s decorative lighting options.

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