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The Next Dimension in Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Sep 29, 2020 | Products

by TLA Staff

Let’s talk about taking your ceiling space into the 3rd dimension with the coolest acoustic ceiling tiles that we have ever seen. Whether you’re looking to improve a conference room, seating area, or office space, these versatile, architecturally inspired tiles lend superior sound dampening and visual interest to any space.

Introducing Ori

Elevated acoustic terrain that creates eye-catching and effective sound dampening ceilings.

Video, photos and product details courtesy of Focal Point

A new PET felt ceiling tile with striking dimensionality, Ori turns the ceiling plane into a landscape of soft undulations and sharp ridges. 10 design variations are the building blocks to create eye-catching and sound-dampening ceilings that integrate a variety of recessed, surface mount or suspended luminaires.

Design Features:
  • Standard 2×2 tile format, other sizes available as custom upon request
  • 10 design variations
  • Cut and folded design, not thermoformed, yields crisp, defined edge
  • Designed to fit in 9/16″ and 15/16″ grid ceilings
  • Can be installed in grid ceilings, drywall ceilings with ACT transition or suspended ceiling clouds
  • Available in Standard, Premium and Extended color palettes
Performance Specs:
  • Leverages AirCore technology to maximize sound absorption and minimize ecological impact
  • 9mm thick PET felt is 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles
  • Declare certified, LBC Red List free
  • NRC 1.1 on average, will fluctuate slightly for each design variation and installation
Open Office

Open Office

Featured Products:
Photos courtesy of Focal Point

Photos courtesy of Focal Point





Featured Products:
Photos courtesy of Focal Point

Photos courtesy of Focal Point

Photos courtesy of Focal Point

Photos courtesy of Focal Point



open seating

Open Seating

Featured Products:
Photos courtesy of Focal Point

Photos courtesy of Focal Point

For full product specs and to download documents, visit the Focal Point website.

Want to find out more about how to include Ori products in your next project?

Contact our Sales Coordinator, Dawn Webber, today for more information:

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