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New RGBW & Tunable White Products from Ligman Lighting

Jun 3, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff

Ligman has been at the forefront of outdoor lighting product development and with all the buzz surrounding tunable lighting in 2021, we are very excited to announce their new tunable white outdoor products.

Ligman releases 20-30 new products every year, answering the call of specifiers and agents for fresh, technologically advanced products to enhance new projects.


TLA New RGBW and Tunable White Products from Ligman Lighting


Recent product releases include New 70 watt Odessa Flood—a modern floodlight that is a perfect solution for large size spotlight and floodlight requirements—and new Leeds Wedge, a range of small wedge-shaped dark sky approved luminaires with options of downward light distribution.



TLA New RGBW and Tunable White Products from Ligman Lighting

Odessa Product Line



TLA New RGBW and Tunable White Products from Ligman Lighting

Dark Sky Approved Leeds Wedges


During this time, Ligman has introduced new RGBW products as well to create a well-rounded offering of RGBW options. Beyond RGBW, Ligman has developed a new tunable white option—one of the only manufacturers to have done so on an outdoor product.

Presenting the new KWH RGBW FLOOD with tune-able white LED’S!


TLA New RGBW and Tunable White Products from Ligman Lighting


This slim-shaped wall light has a variety of different distributions to suit a range of lighting designer requirements. The luminaire has been designed to provide excellent light distribution patterns using a low wattage LED package, resulting in superior spacing to mount height ratios, with a uniform lighting layout that meets code requirements and uses less energy.

This is a great product for lighting private roadways, car parks, exhibition areas, and complies with dark sky requirements when mounted in the horizontal position.



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