New Product Spotlight: Rodeo from Beta-Calco

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New Product Spotlight: Rodeo from Beta-Calco

Nov 16, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff


Before we run through the attributes of this innovative and visually striking luminaire, we wanted to remind you to follow us on social (FacebookInstagramPinterest, & LinkedIn) and subscribe to the TLA Newsletter to stay in the loop on all the latest event, new product releases, and TLA news.


Beta-Calco Rodeo in retail setting


Now let’s talk about RODEO…

Rodeo’s flexible spotlight design combined with a high-performance linear system creates a multi-functional luminaire that serves a variety of lighting needs. The modular system employs direct light, indirect light, and spotlights to deliver 3 layers of lighting.


Beta-calco rodeo gallery wall


The innovative Rodeo Flip design expands the sphere of adjustability which allows Rodeo to adapt to various space layouts. Combined with regressed optics, the luster from anodized bezels and trims bring visual and aesthetic comfort. Create a customized feel with multiple color and finish options.


Beta Calco Rodeo finish color options



Product overview

Body: Aluminum.
Finish: Powder coated.
Suspension:  Steel cables.
Power cable: Silver braided.
Diffuser: Opal acrylic.
Drivers: HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V, 347 (EU-240V).
Integral Emergency system: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The self-contained system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries, LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only). Not available with a 347V supply.
Mechanical: Luminaires mount directly over J box (by others).
Reported L70 @25oC (77oF): > 55,000 hrs @ 2000 lumens/ft (6000 lumens/m)
Estimated L70 @25oC (77oF): > 165,000 hrs @ 2000 lumens/ft (6000 lumens/m)
Delivered lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 4000K CRI 90+
Approvals: Damp Location (Indoor use only).
Design: US Design Patent Pending.
Designed by: Serge Cornelissen


Beta calco rodeo office


Ordering example

Each section for continuous run is to be ordered separately.  Max run is 40ft, for any lengths beyond that please consult factory.
Ordering example for continuous run at 30ft:
Line one Continuous run – Start, quantity is 1 RDEP2PSL06 / SLS2 / HS2 / HE0 / BA25 / LPF140 / LPG165 / CR90 / CTA35 / DD3 / UD1 / V1 / DA01 / DB01 / H1 / HLA06 / FA02 / CF01 / FC59 / FD59 / E0 / CS2 / SR00
Line two Continuous run – Middle, quantity is 3 – RDEP2PSL06 / SLS3 / H2 / HE0 / BA25 / LPF140 / LPG165 / CR90 / CTA35 / DD3 / UD1 / V1 / DA01 / DB01 / H1 / HLA06 / FA02 / CF01 / FC59 / FD59 / E0 / CS2 / SR00
Line three Continuous run – End, quantity is 1 – RDEP2PSL06 / SLS4 / HS2 / HE0 / BA25 / LPF140 / LPG165 / CR90 / CTA35 / DD3 / UD1 / V1 / DA01 / DB01 / H1 / HLA06 / FA02 / CF01 / FC59 / FD59 / E0 / CS2 / SR00


And be sure to check out this RODEO Deep Dive video to experience its versatility and visual impact for yourself in the video below.




Want to learn more about how you can feature this incredible new lighting system in your next design? Contact your TLA Sales Rep or send us an email for all the details.

Thanks for reading along, and see you next time!

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