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New Product Spotlight: Rincon by Cerno + Amicus in Five New Finishes

Apr 29, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff


We’re excited to join Cerno in announcing the launch of the Rincon!

This fixture pays homage to mid-century modern design while infusing contemporary elements as well.



TLA manufacturer Cerno announces new product: the Rincon

Pictured on left: Rincon pendants with a textured black exterior shade finish, textured white interior shade finish, and white washed oak disc. Pictured on right: Rincon pendant with a textured white exterior shade finish, textured white interior shade finish, and walnut disc.


The Rincon

A voluminous 28″ diameter shade is impressive but not overwhelming. The void and center disc that houses the light source balances the scale and proportions well, creating a sculptural feel. The form of the disc and the bugle-shaped interior stem/reflector mimics the shade’s contours, allowing these three performance-driven design decisions to work in concert.

Cerno’s team borrowed what they learned from the Allavo Vanity fixture to create an efficient and beautiful diffuse quality of light.

The wood or metal disc options are paired with the white, black, brass, distressed brass, or brushed aluminum shades and adds to the dynamic beauty of this fixture. Rincon is currently offered as both a pendant and a flush mount version will be introduced soon.  We see this product working well in commercial, residential, and hospitality environments.

Learn more about the Rincon.



Amicus by Cerno is now available in five new metallic finishes!


TLA manufacturer Cerno announces five new finishes for Amicus

Amicus in original brushed brass finish.


The expanded Amicus by Cerno finish palette allows you to add a splash of rose gold, a monochromatic accent, or a bold statement.


“Traveling through Morocco, I was in awe of the skilled craftspeople and their impressive work. I was most enamored with the detail and intricacy of the perforated metal light fixtures. The artistry, patterns, and old-world techniques inspired me and ultimately inspired the Amicus.”

–Nick Sheridan, Designer


If you’ve been following our blog, you know how much we love Amicus pendant lights by Cerno.

We featured this intricately detailed perforated metal luminaire in our Five Favorite Decorative Luminaires round-up last year. Yet, it never ceases to amaze us how a design can feel entirely fresh by simply introducing a new material… or five. Read on to experience the beauty of these new finishes.



Amicus is now available in three sizes. Scroll to see the new finishes.


TLA manufacturer Cerno announces five new finishes for Amicus
Amicus in textured white powdercoat (left) and distressed brass (right)



TLA manufacturer Cerno announces five new finishes for Amicus

Amicus in brushed rose gold (left) and textured black powdercoat (right).



TLA manufacturer Cerno announces five new finishes for Amicus

Amicus in brushed aluminum (left).


Learn more about the Amicus 12, Amicus 16, and Amicus 21.  All Cerno products are designed and made in California.



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