New Product Spotlight: Meet Barrel x Brownlee Lighting

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New Product Spotlight: Meet Barrel x Brownlee Lighting

Feb 2, 2023 | Products

Introducing BARREL by Brownlee! Brownlee has a reputation for high-performance, decorative lighting solutions, and its newest collection does not disappoint.

Inspired by the “Innie” series, we love how Brownlee’s “Barrel” collection features an inset diffuser, allowing for various finish combinations.

Taylor Barnhardt, TLA Specification Sales, thinks Barrel has what it takes to shine in your next commercial project:

“True to Brownlee fashion, the Barrel is a clean, attractive, and high-performing fixture. Details like the regressed lens, the unique color finishes, and the option to add uplight are what really set this fixture apart from others of its kind.”

Barrel is available in a Pendant or Surface mount. Barrel-Deep provides scale and depth for higher ceilings and larger spaces, while Barrel-Shallow can be used in clusters along with Barrel-Deep, or on its own in smaller spaces. Direct output standard with an optional indirect component available.

We can’t wait to see how you’ll customize it in your projects this year.

Keep it rollin’ for the details…


Barrel Pendant

Barrel powder coated finish colors

Barrel pendant sizes

Barrel Pendant Specifications

Check out the Pendant Specification Sheet for all the details.

Pendant – Shallow Shade – Model #: 2670
Pendant – Deep Shade – Model #: 2672

Barrel Pendant Dimensions

16 size – 15.5″dia x 18″d
19 size – 19″dia x 24″d
24 size – 24″dia x 28″d

Barrel pendant in modern office building


Barrel Surface

Barrel surface mount in modern hotel setting

Barrel Surface Specifications

Find all the details in the Surface Specification Sheet and start planning your next commercial lighting project with Barrel today.

Surface – Shallow Shade – Model #: 2470
Surface – Deep Shade – Model #: 2472

Barrel surface mount specifications

Barrel Surface Dimensions

16 size – 15.5″dia x 5.5″d
19 size – 19″dia x 11.5″d
24 size – 24″dia x 16″d

Barrel surface mount in modern office building



Matte White outer and inner is Barrel’s standard finish combination. Optional two-tone finishes are available in a range of great colors, powder coated in-house: White, Black, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Metallic Gold, Nickel Tone, Red, and Yellow.

Barrel powder coated finish colors


We hope you’re excited about Barrel as we are because order production begins this month in February 2023!

Talk to your TLA Sales rep today about including Barrel in your next project, or send us an email to to learn more.

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