New Product Spotlight: Turn Heads with the Highline Collection from RBW

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New Product Spotlight: Turn Heads with the Highline Collection from RBW

Feb 22, 2023 | Products

Have you heard the news? The Highline Collection from RBW is now available!

Produced in collaboration with industrial designer Jonas Damon, Highline is an adaptable, easy-to-install system that combines the flexibility of track lighting with the thoughtful design of a decorative pendant.

Kristin from our Specification Sales team is eager to share more about this eye-catching, adaptable system:

“I don’t know that the Highline needs more words than ‘drool-worthy,’ but this former interior designer will give you a quick run-down and happily introduce you to the new RBW Highline Collection. I hope to see it land on a project in Colorado very soon!”

Keep reading for her thoughts on Highline and the details you need to know to incorporate this new linear lighting system into your next project.

RBW Highline Collection Felt Shade in modern conference room

Perfecting form, function, and aesthetics

“RBW is one of those manufacturers that balances form, function, and aesthetics with grace and ease. Highline stands out to me because of the delicate balance of structure that is technically track, but track as we’ve never seen—the delicate drape of fixture options that hang with balanced elegance.”

Creative alignment crossing lines with RBW Highline spotlights and cone lights

Highline is—highly—configurable, with slim, suspended beam pairs with three distinct fixture options.

Choose the sleekness of the cone pendant, the versatile dual-axis swivel of a spotlight, or the warmth of the felt shade made from 90% post-consumer fibers. Pair with a linear uplight that casts a diffuse glow.

Row of acoustic felt shades RBW Highline

“There is a softness to this configurable product that we normally don’t get with track. Look at the slight chamfered edges, the unmatched RBW hand-blown glass, and the stunning acoustic pendant option (that I could see becoming a very successful pendant family down the line…hint, hint RBW!).”

Close up of RBW Highline acoustic felt shade

RBW Highline felt shade and spotlight configuration

Endlessly—and easily—customizable

Your creativity is the only limit when incorporating the Highline Collection into a wide range of projects.

“Simply adjust, move, and reposition Highline as needed with an easy tool that will secure placement and aiming.”

RBW Highline spotlight configuration

Highline’s fixtures can be easily swapped out and repositioned without any complicated tools. The beam itself, offered in 4- and 8-foot lengths, lends itself to endless customization.

You can overlap and cross beams, mount fixtures asymmetrically, or suspend them in long linear rows.

Retail space utilizing Highline spotlight and cone

Turning heads

There’s a reason this system is sure to be turning heads. Will your project be one of the first to do so?

Every detail is so thoughtfully considered—the graceful hanging armatures, the black anodized finish, the chamfered edges of its understated aluminum beam… Yes, it is drool-worthy, indeed.

“Did I mention there is optional uplight? Drool….”

RBW Highline Collection optional uplight

Talk to your TLA Sales rep today about including Highline from RBW in your next project or send us an email to to learn more.

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