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New Manufacturer Spotlight: Elliptipar, Meyer, and Tambient

Apr 15, 2021 | News & Events, Products

By TLA Staff


Hi there and welcome to TLA’s New Manufacturer Spotlight – Spring 2021 Edition, Volume 1!

Today we’re introducing three innovative architectural lines from The Lighting Quotient family: Elliptipar, Meyer, and Tambient. Read on to learn about each of these manufacturers and why our team is so excited to add their products to our catalog.

The Lighting Quotient designs, engineers and manufactures advanced luminaires for architects, lighting designers, interiors experts, and the entire professional lighting community. From simple utilitarian structures to grand architectural masterpieces, they combine serious engineering performance with elegant artistic design: The perfect equation.

Founded in 1977 by architectural lighting pioneer, Sylvan R. Shemitz, The Lighting Quotient today is an exciting new vision of a venerable heritage. Their rich history of innovation continues to drive inventive design and uncompromising quality, but their minds are focused fully on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s science, adapting existing technologies and inventing new ones for the ever-changing needs of today’s lighting professionals.


TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Elliptipar


The best-in-class of asymmetric performance luminaires, Elliptipar produces an even wash of light across any architectural surface, no matter how broad or tall. The same iconic reflector used for all traditional light sources now also serves as a superior heat sink for our even better asymmetric LED optics, including patented fraqtir™ technology.

The iconic Elliptipar asymmetric luminaire, invented in 1965 by lighting pioneer Sy Shemitz, is based on the need to produce an even wash of light across an architectural plane – creating a luminous surface from a minimal setback. Asymmetric lighting illuminates surfaces from more accessible vantage points by positioning the luminaires at the edge of the plane, removing obstructions and focusing attention on the surface rather than the luminaire. By expertly distributing light where it is truly needed, Elliptipar has ideal solutions for a multitude of applications.


TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Elliptipar

Elliptipar features tunable white LED technology.

View the full ELLIPTIPAR product brochure.



TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Meyer from the The Lighting Quotient family


For 50 years, the name Electrix has been synonymous with quality lighting.

They have been manufacturing lighting fixtures since 1962 and first became involved with architectural luminaires during the 1980s. Influenced by the Scandinavian and European creative contributors of our in-house design staff, Electrix has built a reputation for successfully collaborating with architects, designers, lighting consultants, and engineers resulting in numerous quality lighting design solutions.

MEYER exterior lighting offers architectural luminaires for landscape lighting, façades, and in-grade applications.


Featured Products


TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Nightpath Bollard by Meyer from the The Lighting Quotient family

Meyer Nightpath Bollard

Distribution – 88° Asymmetric
Output – 633 lm | 51 lm/W
CCT – 3000 – 4000K
Compliance – ETL Listed, IP65 and IK 08 rated


  • High performance LED optic with 88⁰ asymmetric beam angle
  • Average of 1 lux illuminance is achieved up to 3.3′ in front of the luminaire
  • 13W high performance LED
  • 120–277V Integral Driver
  • Up to 633 Lumen output
  • Up to 51 Lumens/watt
  • IP65 and IK08 rated


  • Black
  • White
  • Silver



TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Superlight LED by Meyer from the The Lighting Quotient family


Superlight LED 1

Distribution – 16° Narrow| 45° Asymmetric | 92°x108° Wide
Output – 3056 lm | 27 W | 113 lm/W
CCT – 3000 – 4000K
Compliance – ETL Listed, LM79, LM70 and IP67 Rated


  • Sleek & unobtrusive design allows integration into any style of architecture
  • Optimal heat management ensures the longevity of the LEDs
  • Symmetric and asymmetric wide beam reflectors are ideal for area lighting while rotationally narrow beam reflectors are ideal for accent lighting facades
  • 1 x 27W high performance LED
  • Integral driver at 120–277V
  • Up to 3056 Lumen output
  • Up to 113 Lumens/Watt efficacy


  • Black
  • White
  • Silver


TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Upline by Meyer from the The Lighting Quotient family

Meyer Upline 600

LEDs – 6 x 2.5W High Performance LEDs
Optics – 12º x 108º Wall Washer | 36º Asymmetric
Output – 1112 lm | 15W | 74 lm/W
LED Color – 3000K – 4000K
Electrical – 120V Integral Driver
CRI – 80+
Compliance – ETL Listed, IP67, IK10
Warranty – 5 Year Limited Warranty

View the full MEYER product offering.



TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Tambient from the The Lighting Quotient family


In any office setting, either open plan or private office; we create light fixtures that combine task and ambient lighting into portable units that are oriented on or around workplace furniture systems. Tambient lighting solutions are proven to enhance workers’ comfort, productivity, and energy conservation.

Tambient is a portable, furniture-based lighting system that eliminates the need for fixed, hardwired, ceiling-mounted office lighting and supplemental workstation task lights; a versatile and adaptable all-encompassing lighting solution for the needs of an ever-changing office environment. Tambient creates seamless personal and collaborative work environments that are visually comfortable, energy-efficient, flexible, and easy to maintain.


TLA New Manufacturers Spotlight: Tambient from the The Lighting Quotient family

View the full TAMBIENT product brochure.

Thanks for joining us today, and stay tuned for volume 2 of this feature when we spotlight LEDScape Lighting!


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