JUST IN! New Decorative Lines from Acuity Brands: Eureka Lighting, A-Light, & Luminis

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JUST IN! New Decorative Lines from Acuity Brands: Eureka Lighting, A-Light, & Luminis

Mar 25, 2021 | Products

By TLA Staff

The Lighting Agency is thrilled to welcome four new decorative lines—Eureka Lighting, A-Light Architectural Lighting, and Luminis Lighting—into our extensive Acuity Brands product catalog.

Each of these new lines brings another dimension to the TLA line card, and we can’t wait to see their products in your upcoming projects.

Read on as we highlight what you need to know about each of these fantastic brands.

Eureka Lighting

Since 1987, Eureka has been working relentlessly to enhance architectural spaces with compelling lighting solutions. We design and manufacture best-in-class, distinctive, specification-grade decorative luminaires.  Eureka’s team comes to work every day with a passion for light and design.

Eureka strives to understand what lighting designers, interior designers, and architects need to help them bring their ideas from concept to reality.  They push design and innovation.

There is always something new from Eureka. And that is one of their strengths. This is an advantage as a unique fixture can lock specs.  This passion for designing, developing, and manufacturing distinctive, best-in-class, specification-grade decorative lighting has been recognized with many prestigious awards.

Eureka goes beyond form and function and see things through the eyes of the designer. They have a love of space and how lighting can define it, and design for flexibility, style, and elegance. Their goal is to create products that truly inspire specifiers to transform spaces.


TLA’s Top Picks From Eureka Lighting

TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Eureka Lighting Tumblr


Tumbler is a small jewel made from tough machined glass. Its crisp, minimal form provides seamless accent illumination for any indoor or outdoor environment.


TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Eureka Lighting Point

POINT 4544

Already popular, Eureka just made the clean and austere Point projector more intense. At the same time, they added a similar-sized Turbine, which has exposed black fins for a cool look that really grinds out the lumens. These two projectors offer awesome thermal management design and accommodate the new high-intensity light engine, which provides up to 1615 delivered lumens (18W – 40° optic).



TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Eureka Lighting Turbo


Coupé is an industrial-looking shallow fixture that can be installed on low ceilings. Add a conical metal shade for a modern look, and you have the Turbo.



TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Eureka Lighting Cycle + Tone

CYCLE 4800 + TONE 29901

CYCLE – The perfectly diffused direct/indirect illumination of the Cycle creates a luminous halo that fills large spaces with presence and simplicity

TONE – A sound-absorbing structure that installs onto the Cycle luminaire to improve the sound quality of your space. It uses a proven ecological sound-absorbing material to reduce unwanted reflected sounds to dampen ambient noises.

Both CYCLE + TONE are available through Eureka Lighting’s QUICKSHIP PROGRAM!


A-Light Architectural Lighting

A-Light combines advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting to develop products that integrate into any space. A-Light’s luminaires have been specified in tens of thousands of projects throughout North America. They are known for high performance and a contemporary aesthetic that achieves balance, elegance, and finesse.


TLA’s Top Picks From A-Light



Modern open spaces and high ceilings result in unwelcome ambient noise. A-Light offers sound-absorbing luminaires that combine high-performance optics, high quality, and advanced acoustic materials. With their elegant and contemporary shape, A-light’s architectural acoustic luminaires are easy to integrate into any space.
Our selection of sound-absorbing luminaires is offered in a palette of 4 standard and 26 premium felt colors. Specifiers can craft how a space looks and feels with room-defining bursts of color.


TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: A-Light Lighting Absorb


A-Light’s sound-absorbing luminaire, Absorb V, combines high-performance optics, advanced acoustic material, and a rich palette of colors. Craft how a space looks and feels with room-defining bursts of color, starting with a selection of 26 premium colors.

Absorb V panels help transform large rooms – especially open areas and high-ceilinged public spaces – into calmer zones where people can focus.



TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: A-Light Lighting Atlas


Atlas sets the standard for the essential fixture. This family of high-performance ambient luminaires combines clean aesthetics with intelligent functionality. With multiple mounting types, light distributions, and acoustic options, Atlas creates powerful design opportunities for any architecture. Atlas’ slim lines house a unique system of LED boards and thermal management structure that create a perfect glare-free diffusion.

Modern open spaces and high ceilings result in unwelcome ambient noise. The Atlas series of lit and acoustic fixtures enables designers to combine light with sound absorption to achieve a scalable, consistent design aesthetic. Available in 30 felt colors.



TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: A-Light Lighting Align


Align’s multiple magnetic modules and mounting options combine with tool-free installation and removal capabilities to provide the opportunity to create endless mix and match direct and indirect configurations. Create multiple effects in a single space with this award-winning luminaire’s mounting options—suspended, recessed, surface.


Luminis Lighting

Luminis strives to supply the most pleasing, most efficient, and reliable luminaires.

Over the past 30 years, Luminis strives to develop innovative luminaires that will stand by their function and design. We continuously invest in research and development to position ourselves at the forefront of a lighting industry in constant evolution.

They are in this business for the long term, so they remain dedicated to innovation both in technology and design. They want our products and service to continue to flourish for generations to come. To achieve our envisioned success, they welcome the challenges of change and evolution by setting the bar higher and higher and taking pride in each new triumph our clients achieve.


TLA’s Top Picks From Luminis



With over 16 million hues, architects and landscape architects can utilize colored illumination to make a design statement, enhance building facades, or highlight specific landscaping features. There is also the opportunity to revert to white as required.


TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Luminis Lumiquad


Lumiquad is a family of 4″ x 4″ and 6″ x 6″ bollards and columns. With six bollards and seven-column types, specifiers can mix and match products to suit any design challenge.



TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Luminis Hollowcore


Hollowcore brings a whole new dimension to the classic high bay shape that has been so familiar for decades. With its modern form and clean aesthetic, Hollowcore is suitable for both traditional high bay applications and more contemporary spaces.

Available in the QUICKSHIP PROGRAM—get the lighting you want FAST!


TLA Acuity Brands new decorative lines: Luminis Lighting


Prisma is ideally suited for general illumination of offices, retail, schools, and multi-purpose rooms where efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics are paramount.

Need luminaires fast and on time to meet customer needs and construction schedules? Think Luminis Quickship! Your order is manufactured to your specification with an impressive range of choices and ships within 15 days!

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