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Modulus Elevates Luminaire Design to the Next Level

Jul 1, 2021 | Products, Technology

by TLA Staff


The lighting industry is evolving and the requirements for lighting have increased. Customers want more functionality while keeping the same result, to beautifully light the spaces where we live, work, and play.

Simply stated, Modulus is a low voltage distributed power and control system providing digital control and networked technologies for LED luminaires.

The system provides the same extensive capabilities as the best of Acuity Brands’ control and driver systems, such as flicker-free dimming, networked lighting controls and embedded sensors, emergency battery backup, and tunable white.


Additional features include:

  • eldoLED® drivers for flicker-free dimming and tunable white
  • nLight® networked lighting controls and embedded sensors
  • IOTA® Emergency Lighting Inverter for emergency backup power
  • Modulus results in some amazing benefits… see the Modulus FAQ to learn more.




A case in point, small luminaire form factors make it difficult to embed existing technology due to spatial constraints.

Modulus is unique as it provides power and control for luminaires as small as one inch in depth, elevating luminaire design due to its versatility and ability to fit into a breadth of form factors. This provides flexible lighting design for architects, engineers and lighting designers.



TLA Acuity Modulus luminaire design


Efficiency and intelligent design support lower project costs. Modulus reduces installation costs when compared to the traditional long linear luminaire runs.

Larger luminaires offer more space to embed LED drivers, sensors, and other technologies. But smaller luminaires and lighting systems don’t have additional depth to embed technologies. Modulus provides the same benefits of integrated technologies within the luminaire fixture while reducing the number of driver boxes. This innovation allows Acuity Brands engineers to create new sizes and shapes of luminaires that aren’t constricted by the size requirements needed to include advanced technologies.


Miniaturization, opening the door to expansive luminaire designs:

  • Simplifies installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires
  • Reduced installation cost and complications
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Controls system support with open protocols

The Modulus low voltage distributed power and control system is available within the Peerless® Renna™ and Mark Architectural Lighting™ SLOT 1 luminaires.


TLA Acuity Modulus luminaire design


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