Manufacturer + New Product Spotlight | Huntington Recessed LoPro x Extant Architectural Lighting

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Manufacturer + New Product Spotlight | Huntington Recessed LoPro x Extant Architectural Lighting

Dec 17, 2020 | Products

by TLA Staff

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Introducing the new Huntington Recessed LoPro x Extant Architectural Lighting


LoPro Recessed Lighting


Low plenum profile. High performance. Zero compromises.



Crafted with MEO technology – Microstructure EdgeTech Optics. Extant Architectural Lighting’s innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics delivers unparalleled optic control and exceptional performance with seamless illumination and uniformity. Pixilation, hotspots and lens breaks are a thing of the past. MEO creates high performing, low-profile fixtures with optic options like batwing, glare control and diffused light distribution.

Learn more about this cutting edge technology in this video:


Huntington Recessed LoPro Features We Love:

  • Low profile depth behind ceiling for use in any plenum installation:
    • 1.5” – 1.75” Depth (Remote Driver)
    • 2.14” – 2.45” Depth (Integral Driver)
  • Design without compromise: Specify Batwing, Glare Control, Diffused (Lambertian) or Wall Wash Optics
  • Specified Lumen Outputs (SLO) available: 193 lm/ft – 1480 lm/ft
  • Minimalistic 1.5” Aperture
  • Individual fixture lengths and seamless continuous runs with no lens
    breaks up to 500 feet
  • Achieve up to 16 feet on center spacing with 35fc on work surface
  • Drivers, wiring, and serviceability are completely accessible from below
    ceiling with our patent pending toolless “Push to Eject” system
  • Toolless Latch System and Quick-Click 5 Wire system allows for simple, quick, and seamless installation
  • Trim Flange, Spackle Flange, 15/16” or 9/16” Grid Lay-in, 15/16” or 9/16” Grid Tegular, Bolt Slot or Armstrong Interlude/USG Identitee
  • Proudly crafted in Huntington Beach, CA – USA


LoPro Recessed Lighting

LoPro Recessed Lighting


You can download the spec sheet here. Check out EXTANT’s entire performance-driven, stylish product line at


LoPro Recessed Lighting Patterns


Contact your TLA sales representative or our inside lighting sales team for more information on how you can include Huntington Recessed LoPro and other EXTANT ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING products in your next installation.

Thanks so much for joining us today on the TLA Spotlight Blog!

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