Fourteen Product Picks from June Light Club Manufacturers

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Fourteen Product Picks from June Light Club Manufacturers

Jul 22, 2022 | Products

There was so much to see and do at June Light Club so we’re rounding-up Team TLA’s product picks from the fourteen fabulous manufacturers in attendance. Read on for the best and the brightest luminaries you need to keep short-listed for your next lighting project.

1. HPC3 Curves x Barbican

The HPC³™ Curves can be hung independently as a pendant or can be used to join multiple HPC³™ pieces in a system. Build your own 3D models in SketchUp, or see our prebuilt samples for inspiration.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends HPC3 Curves:

  1. Customizable modular system offers flexibility with mounting options, creating endless variations that will suit any environment
  2. Seamless, fully enclosed, and washable construction
  3. No need for supplemental downlights – Curves is made from a specially synthesized material yields 85% light transmission while offering excellent LED hiding properties


June Light Club Manufacturer B-K Lighting Rio

2. Rio x B-K Lighting

Sleek, versatile, and sustainably made, Rio offers a seamless, modern look with exceptional build quality. With no visible hardware around the cap and a choice of cylindrical or rectangular housing, Rio achieves an elevated minimalist aesthetic.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Rio:

  1. Anti-condensation and corrosion vents protect internal components
  2. Modular design supports easy upgrades
  3. Made in the USA with sustainable processes



June Light Club Manufacturer Coronet Dona

3. Dona x Coronet

Modern and memorable, the new Dona luminous ring from Coronet Lighting produces a beautiful upward and downward glow. With 360 degrees of light, the new DONA circular pendant from Coronet Lighting is sure to cover all the right angles.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Dona:

  1. Modern and minimalist design
  2. Adjustable and nearly invisible suspension cables
  3. WELL Standard compatible – The WELL Building Standard sets the guidelines for a more thoughtfully designed space

Read more about this new decorative pendant in our recent post, “Introducing the New DONA Luminous Ring x Coronet LED”


June Light Club Manufacturer Electric Mirror Eminence LED Lighted Mirror

4. Eminence™ LED Lighted Mirror x Electric Mirror

This lighted mirror has risen to a place of Eminence™ among designers, bringing prestige and distinction to every room it graces. A unique shadow-box frame, inward-facing task lighting, and ambient wall glow combine to create a perfect balance of form and function.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Eminence:

  1. One-touch dimmable inward-facing task lighting for brilliant facial illumination
  2. Greater illuminance with half the power consumption of traditional LED mirrors
  3. Sleek and modern profile



June Light Club Manufacturer Focal Point Seam 1

5. Seam1 Acoustic Direct x Focal Point

This narrow, sound-absorbing suspended direct LED luminaire is available with fully illuminated 90° corners.

Seam 1 uses AirCore®: patented, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact and is available in a wide range of colors for the design flexibility you need for your projects.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Seam 1:

  1. Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET)
  2. ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant
  3. Make an exceptional aesthetic statement while achieving desired reverberation levels



TLA June Light Club Manufacturer Kelvix CrossBar

6. Crossbar x Kelvix

Crossbar provides seamless illumination upon either axis of a drop ceiling system, requiring no modifications to an existing T-grid. Delivering a high-quality light source that is both uniform and direct view, the Crossbar’s simplicity and universal dimming capability make it a top choice for various commercial environments.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Crossbar:

  1. High Contrast Parabolic Louver
  2. Easily Mounts to Existing Grid
  3. Fast Installation


June Light Club Manufacturer Marset Ambrosia

7. Ambrosia x Marset

Ambrosia combines a tubular structure with gentle lines that attaches to the ceiling, allowing the light to descend and gently illuminate any type of project—filling the space and adding beauty.

This lighting system is available in four pre-set lengths, from 47 to 124 inches. Extensions measuring 16 and 24 inches let you define the height from which to hang them. That way, you can adjust their distance from the ceiling to create visually uninterrupted compositions.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Ambrosia:

  1. The LED SMD 24V light tube is available in three warm color temperatures, 2200K, 2700K, and 3000K
  2. Option to install on a canopy that includes the driver, or hidden and recessed
  3. The starting point for the Ambrosia was to bring back the traditional Linestra lamp as a technical update with resolute, poetic



June Light Club Manufacturer Modern Forms Zenya

8. Zenya x Modern Forms

Inspired by the Japandi minimalist style integrated with cutting-edge LEDs. Zenya is a stunning pendant that renders a tapered metal lattice that illuminates with an etched acrylic diffuser.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Zenya:

  1. Organic, minimalist form with modern aesthetic and versatile functionality
  2. Three 12” and one 6” down rods included (additional sold separately)
  3. Slope ceiling adaptable. Hang straight swivels up to 90 degrees



June Light Club Manufacturer Prudential BionicPro

9. BionicPro x Prudential Ltg.

With long rows of clean light, BionicPro offers a complete family of fixtures with a continuous, seamless lens, industry-best distributions, and a wall-to-wall problem-solving telescoping filter. BionicPro keeps advancing and is now Declare labeled and DC listed.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends BionicPro:

  1. Lit WTW custom lengths
  2. Seamless lens – up to 200 feet!
  3. No light leak with endcap lens overlap



June Light Club Manufacturer Rayon ID Illumination Prime

10. ID Illumination 3” Prime x Rayon Lighting

3” PRIME Series is a small aperture fixture with a shallow height that may be used in residential or commercial applications. Available with die-cast or spun aluminum trims, with an assortment of color temperatures, optics, and disable drivers.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends 3” Prime:

  1. Interchangeable reflectors/trims, optics & filters
  2. Lumen range of 890 – 1650 Lm
  3. Color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K; CRI: 93+; Optical lens: 12°, 22°, 27°, 35°, 45°



June Light Club Manufacturer RBW Radient Square

11. Radient Square x RBW

As an upgrade to the best-selling Radient sconce, the new Radient creates a diffuse halo of light, pairing minimalist design with the texture and warmth of solid, sustainably harvested wood. The new collection now offers more options for customizing the sconce’s simple wooden shade, with two shapes, three sizes, and four finishes to choose from. Optimized LEDs now emit more lumens, producing a more robust light output per fixture.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Radient Square:

  1. Easily mix and match multiple fixtures to create rhythmic compositions of color and pattern
  2. Ethical sourced solid wood, plastic diffuser, metallic powder coat aluminum base
  3. Suitable for damp locations



TLA June Light Club Manufacturer Structura Aura Linear

12. Aura Linear x Structura

The Aura Linear exterior / Interior illuminated Accoya wood pendant is available in cantenary, ceiling cable, and wall mount configurations. This beautiful and durable linear system features both direct and indirect lighting options.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Aura Linear:

  1. P67 rated luminaire
  2. >90CRI smooth, dot-free illumination
  3. 100% recyclable and manufactured through the acetylation of plantation-grown softwood



TLA June Light Club Manufacturer The Lighting Quotient Elliptipar S112

13. Elliptipar S112 x The Lighting Quotient

Inconspicuous low profile, the S112 lights entire wall evenly without emphasizing surface imperfections (unlike slot grazers). A built-in visor provides shielding of glare from below.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends Elliptipar S112:

  1. Adjustable and lockable aiming
  2. Small, elegant hub hangers with pendant stem, cable, or cantilever mounting
  3. Precisely extruded acrylic lens produces an asymmetric distribution ideal for illuminating vertical surfaces evenly from top to bottom



TLA Light Club June Manufacturer We-EF RLS 410 420

14. RLS 410 and 420 LED x WE-EF

This family of surface-mounted wall luminaires is ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant. RLS 410 and 420 can be mounted for up or down lighting.  Suitable for installation on ceiling or wall over 4″ recessed junction box.

IP66.  Class I.  IK08.  Marine-grade, die-cast aluminum alloy.  5CE superior corrosion protection including PCS hardware.  Silicone CCG® Controlled Compression Gasket.  Safety glass lens.  Integral driver.  OLC® One LED Concept. 0-10V Dimming comes standard with luminaire.

3 reasons Team TLA recommends RLS 410 and 420:

  1. CAD-optimized optics for superior illumination and glare control
  2. Advanced thermal management protects LEDs while optimizing lumens output
  3. Luminaire is factory-sealed and does not need to be opened during installation
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