Edison Price Moves in a Decorative Direction with Arachne and Tightrope

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Edison Price Moves in a Decorative Direction with Arachne and Tightrope

Sep 13, 2023 | Products

It’s a name most of us in the industry would know and love— Edison Price Lighting has been designing and crafting architectural lighting in New York City since 1952. Their iconic downlights and track lighting have illuminated over 450 museums and galleries worldwide, setting the bar for museum-quality lighting.

Did you know that in addition to track lighting and track systems, the Edison Price portfolio also includes wallwashers, recessed luminaires, wallgrazers, cylinders, Tunable White, RGBW, Dim to Warm, Zigbee, and Bluetooth-enabled luminaires?

And now, we’re thrilled to see one of the most recognizable brands in the industry exploring a new direction with the introduction of two new decorative pendants in 2023: Arachne and Tightrope.

We can’t wait to see these gorgeous, customizable decorative luminaires in projects across Colorado. Keep scrolling to see how you can illuminate your space with elegance and creativity with Edison Price.


Arachne with long legs in botanical setting

Arachne Pendant

Customization is at the core of Arachne. With this elegant decorative pendant, you have complete control over the placement and orientation of the lighting modules.

We love how the level of customization allows you to create endless configurations and patterns with Arachne—from symmetrical formations to asymmetrical artworks.


Illustration of Arachne pendant details


Let’s break down what TLA loves about Arachne:

  • Modular Design: The lighting system consists of individual modules that can be easily assembled and arranged in numerous iterations, allowing users to create unique spider-like lighting structures.
  • Adjustable Legs: The legs of the Arachne product family are flexible and poseable, allowing designers to modify the positioning and angles of the individual modules to achieve desired spider-like poses.
  • Customizable Layout: Users can adjust the placement and orientation of the lighting modules, enabling them to create various configurations and patterns.
  • Ease of Assembly: The lighting system is designed for easy D-I-Y assembly, with clear instructions and intuitive connectors, allowing users to enjoy the satisfaction of building their own Arachne installations.


Arachne from Edison Price lighting

Arachne Performance

Lumen: 1620 lumens
Power: 8W per head CCT 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, 60K CRI 90
Mounting: Suspension
Lamp Modules: Half-Sphere, Half-Cylinder, Short Leg Cylinder, Long Leg Cylinders
Optic: Acrylic diffuser
Dimming & Control: 0-10V Flicker-Free 1% dimming 120-277V (DIM10), TRIAC 120V (DIMTR)
Max Cable Length: 32′
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
Finishes: Black, White, Chrome, Copper, Brass

Download the Arachne specification brochure.



Tightrope decorative pendant from Edison Price lighting

Tightrope Pendant

What do you think of when you imagine a tightrope dancer? Edison Price used this concept as inspiration for their new Tightrope pendant, which embodies a perfect balance of radical artistry and refined application.

Tightrope would make a stunning addition to your next office, retail, or residential lighting design project.

With a subtle and lightweight design, Tightrope illuminates a space with gentle yet powerful radiance. Its unassuming presence commands attention without overwhelming, creating a captivating ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.


Tightrope pendant decorative lighting from Edison Price

Tightrope Performance

Lumen: 560L, 380L
Power: 8.5W, 4.5W
CCT: 27K, 30K, 40K, 60K CRI 90
Mounting Suspension Size: Ø50mm, Ø70mm
Diffuser: Diffuse
Dimming & Control: 0-10V Flicker-Free 1% dimming 120-277V (DIM10), TRIAC 120V (DIMTR)
Max Cable Length: 32′
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
Finishes: Black, white, chrome, copper, brass


Finish colors of tightrope pendant

Download the Tightrope specification brochure for all the details.

Talk to your TLA Sales Rep or send us an email about including lighting solutions from Edison Price in your next commercial lighting project.

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