Design Digest Trend Report: Spheres x Laura Mann

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Design Digest Trend Report: Spheres x Laura Mann

Dec 14, 2022 | Products

Hi, I’m Laura Mann, TLA Specifications Sales commercial lighting specialist. When asked for my insights on this season’s best lighting trends, one word sprung immediately to mind: spheres!

Bold, globe-inspired luminaires are everywhere right now and are the perfect way to bring light and statement-making style to your next large-scale project, whether it’s rustic or modern, office space or hospitality.

TLA Design Digest Trend Report Spheres

Keep reading as I round up my top five picks for must-have spheres.


Custom product design and fabrication from G Lighting

1. Custom product design and fabrication from G Lighting

Because when you go custom with G Lighting, you get exactly what you want. I have had wonderful experiences with G Lighting! I love that their fixtures have been made in the USA for over 100 years. They are wonderful to work with, responsive, and have provided a lot of support for some important custom projects.

G Lighting takes pride in its finished products and works together with the agency and customer teams, resulting in happy clients and beautiful fixtures!

From design to fabrication, G Lighting can produce modifications for standard products, or collaborate with you to create custom designs unique to your space. Click here for information on our restoration and retrofit capabilities.


TLA Design Digest Trend Report Spheres Berri from Eureka

2. Berri from Eureka

Because everything from Eureka is quality made. Each detail is well thought out, and Eureka’s designs are timely and timeless. The Berri is a new family of fixtures that provides the classic sphere shape with modern design elements for a great overall design.

Berri’s installation is very versatile and suitable for any space. Each tube can be adjusted around 360 degrees, allowing the luminaire to take many shapes and sizes. A unique loop gripper also increases modularity.

Loops can be installed anywhere along the tubes, and grippers can be angled up to 60 degrees for any specific installation. Various canopy options are available. Aircraft and power cable lengths are adjustable on-site.


TLA Design Digest Trend Report Spheres Circ from Estiluz

3. Estiluz Circ

The Estiluz Circ collection is great as it’s a family of spheres from passionate designers and offers specifiers a complement of products for a cohesive elegant project.

Circ is an indoor and outdoor lamp designed from a sphere of enveloping light, which dialogues with different wrought iron supports to configure the identity of each element of the collection. An identity based on asymmetry and balance, on the emotion generated by a calculated improvisation that invites participation in the game.

The versions of Circ for outside are manufactured from a resistant screen of polyethylene, whereas the versions for inside incorporate glass. The portable model incorporates a six-hour battery, equipped with a comfortable charge through induction.

See Circ come to life in the video below:



TLA Design Digest Trend Report Spheres Marset Dipping Light

4. Marset Dipping Light

The Marset Dipping Light is a go-to for designers as it’s simply fun! They describe the fixture as “mesmerizing” and it is true!  Since each light is hand-dipped, they are all just a bit different from each other, which is a beautiful thing!

The Dipping Light started out as an experiment – dipping a switched-on light bulb in paint several times – but it became a lamp. The result is layers of color painted in concentric circles which trap the light, attenuating its intensity. The paint acts as a shade, coloring the light and giving it texture. This artisanal process involved makes each lamp unique and exclusive.



TLA Design Digest Trend Report Spheres Foscarini Gregg

5. Gregg from Foscarini

It’s Italian—is there anything more to say? 😉

The Gregg from Foscarini features organic, hand-blown glass with a family of sizes and versions to choose from. It allows a space to feel beautiful and soft even when used in a space that has more typical architectural lighting. It allows for moments of pause and wonder within a space, given its organic properties.

Organic and poetic shapes made of hand-blown glass for a family of lamps that includes various sizes, which can be used stand-alone or in multiple compositions.


And that’s a wrap! Thank you for joining me for this Design Digest Trend Report. Please send me an email or contact your TLA Sales Rep for more information on any of the products or manufacturers featured in this post. See you next time.

Cheers (and Spheres 😉),
— Laura Mann


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