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Design Digest | New Lighting and Acoustic Products You Need to Know About

Dec 2, 2020 | Products

by TLA Staff

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First up in our December Design Digest is AirCore Bridge

A new integrated acoustic baffle and lighting system from Focal Point Lights


AirCore Bridge – from Focal Point Lights


Discover AirCore Bridge™, a new ceiling system that unites AirCore Blade™ and Seem® 1 Suspended to bridge the gap between acoustics and lighting. As a truly integrated solution from a single manufacturer, AirCore Bridge simplifies the specification, ordering, and installation processes.

It is available in three standard configurations: Truss, Cantilever and Cantilever Wave, in lengths from 6′ to 208′. Arrays can be combined over large areas to mitigate noise issues while providing optimal lighting and custom configurations are available. AirCore Bridge can be specified as a new array or used to retrofit existing Seem 1 Suspended Direct installations.


AirCore Bridge – from Focal Point Lights

Why we love AirCore Bridge™:

  • Integrated ceiling system using AirCore Blade and Seem 1 Direct Suspended
  • Three standard configurations: Truss, Cantilever, Cantilever Wave
  • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Lightweight appearance with slim baffles and narrow-aperture luminaire
  • Baffle lengths from 5′ to 8′ in 1′ increments
  • Nominal baffle eights of 8″, 12″ or 16″
  • Luminaire lengths from 6′ units to 208′ runs
  • Flush, Batwing and 0.5″ Pop-Down lenses
  • Leverages AirCore, patent pending, eco-friendly technology
  • 31 PET felt colors

Discover AirCore Bridge with this video, access all product information at


SPI Lighting adds another centerpiece to its Luminous Forms collection with Pavos.


Pavos by SPI Lighting


Now you can effortlessly group Pavos into a cohesive design element with new standard clusters. Comprised of your choice of three or five luminous cylinders on a single canopy array, each configuration combines the simplicity, clean lines, and balanced luminance that you’re looking for in your ideal luminous forms.

Why we love Pavos:

Exceptional fit and finish

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, each luminaire is evenly illuminated from top to bottom and radially. Well-finished ends satisfy the highest-end applications. And true to its minimalist design, it has no metal collars to break the form. Choose from 4″ or 6″ diameter cylinders. Also available in 5-cylinder configurations.


Pavos by SPI Lighting


Form meets function

Like the other Pavo offerings from SPI Lighting, you have the ability to add optional downlights to the cylinders, each offering up to 1100 lumens in three beam spreads.


Pavos by SPI Lighting


Specify SPI

Each luminaire measures three feet in height. Alternate sizes and configurations are available upon request.


Pavos by SPI Lighting

Rounding off this month’s list is Atlas

An enhanced essential that enables designers to combine light with sound absorption to achieve a scalable, consistent design aesthetic.

Modern open spaces and high ceilings result in unwelcome ambient noise. The Atlas series of lit and acoustic fixtures enables designers to combine light with sound absorption to achieve a scalable, consistent design aesthetic.

With 26 new premium colors, specifiers can introduce room-defining bursts of color on the ceiling or on a wall.



Why we love ATLAS:

  • Atlas sets the standard for the essential fixture. This family of high-performance ambient luminaires combines clean aesthetics with intelligent functionality.
  • With multiple mounting types, light distributions, and acoustic options, Atlas creates powerful design opportunities for any architecture.
  • New mounting and acoustic panel options offer more possibilities to high performance luminaire family.




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