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Design Digest | Cool New Products You Need to Know About Now

Nov 3, 2020 | Products

by TLA Staff

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TRIPLE from Beta-Calco

TRIPLE from Beta-Calco

First up is the new TRIPLE is a sleek multi-dimensional and multi-directional lighting system consisting of an upper module with indirect lighting, glow ring & lower funnel edge light, and direct illumination lower module. Triple features single, dual and triple circuit options.

The uniqueness of TRIPLE from Beta-Calco is found in its multi-directional lighting system consisting of an upper module with indirect lighting, glow ring & lower funnel edge light, and direct illumination lower module. Triple features single, dual and triple circuit options.


TRIPLE from Beta-Calco

Why we love it:
  • TRIPLE is a powerful but elegant pendant ideally suited for high performance applications.
  • Its unique design brings both form and function to any space.
  • TRIPLE is designed to facilitate the internal air flow to cool its components.
  • With the unique design of the lower module, the glare is significantly reduced.
  • The lower funnel creates a gradual transition between the bright center and the darker outskirts making the fixture appear approachable despite its power.
  • To accentuate this feature, the funnel can be finished in a contrasting color.

See TRIPLE in action:

And view the spec sheet here.


ARTEMIDE O by Elemental

Say ‘hello’ to ARTEMIDE O by Elemental


“’O’ is an attempt to reconcile the needs of both the natural and the urban environments. Darkness and disappearance will be the contribution of ‘O’ to nature and public spaces.” – Alejandro Aravena

The more the planet becomes urban, the more we appreciate the value of natural spaces. The cities offering the best quality of life are those that were visionary enough to keep portions of untouched nature within their footprint and transform them into public spaces. The problem is that the forces which govern nature and modern urban life, even if guided by good will, tend to pull in opposite directions.

One of the strongest intrusions in the natural order (and yet one of which remains almost unnoticed) is the disappearance of darkness in our cities.

Why we love it:
  • Provides lighting for public spaces without poles or cables.
  • Impeccable organic-inspired design that is a light without a lamp.
  • Different sensors allow light to appear only as needed – lighting on demand.
  • Installations co-exist with the natural environment.
  • Structure in aluminum and silicone.
  • Base in Die-cast aluminum.
  • LED Integrated.
  • Remote power supply included.


ARTEMIDE O by Elemental

Available in O Ground and O Suspension configurations.


Calx pendant from Cerno

Calx from Cerno

Because now more than ever, your kitchen is the center of your home/life – the versatile Calx pendant from Cerno breathes life into kitchens.


The Calx is an example of modern design where the methods and the materials themselves are integral to its very conception, aligning form and function, which creates a synergy that is evident. The fixture ultimately forms a square aperture but enjoys a beautifully simple faceted structure.

— Nick Sheridan, Designer

Why we love it:
  • The Calx pendant comes in three sizes, 10”, 19” and 36” with different material options.
  • The inside of the shade comes in brushed aluminum, brushed rose gold, and brushed brass and the outside comes in walnut and dark stained walnut.
  • Form, function and versatility combine effortlessly in this distinctively modern pendant.


Calx pendant from Cerno

View specs, and more material options here.


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