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The TLA Holiday Party Goes Virtual with Jackson Hole Still Works

Dec 24, 2020 | News

by TLA Staff

Like many of you, our team has been working from home since March. With the holidays approaching and our traditional (in person!) company-wide Christmas Party not an option for 2020, our Principal (and unofficial social director) Ryan Stewart reached out to our friends at Jackson Hole Still Works for a special home delivery for each of our team members.

Read on to find out how everyone mixed-up a Ginger Cardamom Mule and mingled via Zoom as we cheered the end of 2020!


TLA virtual holiday party

Jackson Hole Still Works are the purveyors of craft spirits made in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Everything they make is actually hand-made from local ingredients, farmed in the great state of Wyoming.  Jackson Hole Still Works is Jackson Hole’s only local craft distillery.

You can check out their website here.

We ordered one of their signature cocktail kits which included:
• Still Works Vodka
• Cardamom Ginger Syrup
• Bear Root Orange Bitters
• Fever Tree Club Soda
• Fresh Lime Oil
• Crystalized Ginger
• and a Copper Cup!


TLA virtual holiday party 2020


















With the gang all online, we put on our holiday best and started mixing…


TLA virtual holiday party


TLA virtual holiday party


TLA virtual holiday party


TLA virtual holiday party


And while we’ve got to admit that this is the most fun we’ve had together since the legendary Christmas Party of 2019, we’re really hoping to do this again “live” next year!


Our Favorite Moments

Our favorite moments of our virtual holiday party had to be watching the video tribute that Joey made for Mike to commemorate his retirement. If you know Mike, you’ll find these as funny as we did!


One of Mike’s retirement goals is to take his lawn care to a whole new level of perfection.


TLA virtual holiday party


But he will have to find a new spot for his afternoon siesta…


TLA virtual holiday party


And a new place to photograph his lunch.


TLA virtual holiday party


We’ll miss all our late nights at the office together…


TLA virtual holiday party


Mike, we miss you already!


TLA virtual holiday party


Sending love and well wishes from all of our families to yours for a safe, healthy and festive holiday season. Here’s to brighter days ahead in 2021! Thanks so much for joining us today on the TLA Spotlight Blog!


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