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Introducing TLA’s Dine and Design Service

May 17, 2021 | News, Technology

By Nick Berry


Hi, I’m Nick Berry in the TLA Controls Department. I’m writing to share with you a great new design tool we’re offering for getting design support: TLA Dine and Design!


Over the past year, we’ve all attended countless webinars, virtual trainings, and online presentations. While these are all efficient ways to learn about new products, technology, and the latest lighting codes, there comes a point where you need to sit down with an expert and get the job done for your design project.

With this in mind, the Lighting Controls Team at TLA is excited to share our new Dine and Design service.


We will meet with you for an intensive (virtual) one-on-one collaborative session to produce a job-specific lighting control design deliverable for your current project.

As a bonus, you can pick the time and place, and we’ll pick up the tab for the meal of your choice!



TLA Dine and Design



TLA Dine and Design: How it Works

Step 1

Schedule a time—anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours (you choose!)—to go over a specific project where you have an upcoming design stage deadline (SD, DD, CD, etc.…).

Step 2

Meet to discuss the job, discuss your options, and talk best practices. We will discuss the necessary design deliverables you’ll need (control and/or lighting). The TLA team will then have pinpointed information to deliver any or all of the following before your deadline:

    • Sequence of Operation
    • CSI Specification
    • Job Specific Room Risers
    • Product Layouts
    • Bill of Material Production
    • Product Cut sheets
    • Photometrics
    • Fixture Specs / recommendations
    • Budgets



For anyone who’s still unsure about what you can expect from one of these meetings, below are some examples of what we can do during a Dine and Design.



TLA Dine and Design nLight Riser Design

nLight Air Riser Design




TLA Dine and Design nLight System Riser

nLight System Riser




TLA Dine and Design Open Office Layout

TLA Dine and Design Open Office Layout



TLA Dine and Design Sequence of Operations

Sequence of Operation



Ready to book your time slot? Scheduling couldn’t be easier.
It’s quick, easy, efficient, and we’ll provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks as we design!




And to get things started, we’re offering a Kickoff Introductory Promotion. The person from within your company to schedule the most Dine and Design appointments from now until the end of May will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Grand Prize  (you won’t want to miss out 😉 ).


Thanks for reading today, and I look forward to meeting with you soon! Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions.

—Nick Berry
Lighting Control Sales


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