TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Light and Green

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TLA New Manufacturer Spotlight: Light and Green

Sep 29, 2021 | News & Events

By TLA Staff

Light and Green is a Los Angeles-based lighting manufacturer whose expertise is crafting high-quality lighting products for residential and commercial applications using handmade plaster coupled with the latest in LED technology.

Their extensive product range includes plaster wall sconces, plaster surface mount fixtures, plaster pendants, plaster recessed downlights, plaster wall recessed, concrete decorative wall sconces, and concrete pendant light fixtures.

If you are looking for an extraordinary, recessed lighting solution for your next residential or commercial project, Light and Green has you covered!


California home with downlights by light and green

Pictured above, a Malibu, California home featuring Light and Green Harmony Recessed Downlights and 6 Foot Plaster Tracks with Adjustable Heads

Why plaster?

Plaster is a high-performance building material that has been in use since the days of ancient Egypt. Calcium, the core material in plaster, is the fifth most abundant mineral on earth making plaster a sustainable, highly recyclable environmentally friendly material. In addition, plaster is resistant to harsh environments such as high humidity, heat, and cold. Its strength and durability make it maintenance-free.

Most interior spaces are encased in drywall because of their flexibility, safety, and sustainability. Our plaster lighting fixtures are designed to integrate seamlessly onto the surface of the drywall board. Since both are made from the same material, there is no struggle between different materials lighting for dominance on the same surface. We eliminate any separation between surface and fixture transforming the installation into a monolithic integration.

A TLA favorite

One of our favorite product lines from Light and Green is the Harmony Recessed Downlight.

Harmony downlights are solid plaster lighting solutions made from gypsum, an abundant and stable mineral found in the Earth’s crust. Plaster gives you a seamless and trimless lighting application. Our innovative downlight is virtually maintenance-free because its monolithic installation eliminates the need for touch-ups after servicing. Our flangeless downlights are paintable and manufactured at the highest possible level 5 plaster finish.


outdoor kitchen featuring Light and Green Harmony Recessed Downlights

Pictured above, an outdoor kitchen featuring Light and Green Harmony Recessed Downlights


View the entire Harmony product family and watch a product video with Light and Green’s COO Devin Pascal, below!



For another illustration of the high degree of customization and true seamless finishing attainable with Light and Green fixtures, look at this interior tour of a newly renovated unit at the Century Towers designed by I.M. Pei. 



Want to see more? Click over to the Light and Green Projects page and contact your TLA Sales Rep to learn more about how you can include these seamless and trimless plaster lighting solutions in your next residential or commercial design.

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