Congratulations to Jason Solis, Distributor Sales, for Ten Years at TLA!

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Congratulations to Jason Solis, Distributor Sales, for Ten Years at TLA!

Mar 19, 2024 | Featured, News & Events, Team TLA

We’re thrilled to celebrate one of TLA’s finest as he reaches a significant milestone with us.

He’s grown with TLA since the early days, and we’re so lucky for the years of industry experience he brings to our team—and his sense of humor, of course!

Join us in recognizing Jason Solis, TLA Distributor Sales, by learning a little more about the man behind the smile.


What was your path to TLA?

I am the youngest of four and grew up in Davenport, Iowa. I attended the University of Iowa and moved to Colorado in 1997, right after college.

I started my lighting career in 1997, working for GE Lighting, and I was based in Denver. During that time, I called on electrical distributors and end users across Colorado and Wyoming.

Due to family reasons, I suddenly moved from Denver to Peoria, Illinois, in 2001. I was sad to leave Denver, but I needed to be closer to home. I honestly thought I would never make it back to Denver.

After my situation changed, I went through a few relocations with GE from Peoria, Illinois, to New Haven, CT, and then to Chicago, IL. I ultimately worked for Cooper Lighting in Chicago as a regional sales manager and then for KSA, also an Acuity Agent.

“But it all came back full circle. After a short stint back in Iowa working for Crescent Electric, I applied to TLA and finally had the opportunity to move back to Denver in 2014.”

Amazingly, some of my customers from 2001 are still in the industry at the distribution level!


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Will you share a favorite memory from your 10 years at TLA?

When I first started at TLA, the office was undergoing a major renovation. We were scattered around the basement, and for some reason, I was picked to share the downstairs conference room with Jason Fisher, the President of TLA.

It lasted about a month or so. If you know me, you know that I’m pretty chatty!

“I am surprised Jason didn’t kick me out to the parking garage… but we had a good time sitting next to one another during that time (or at least I did!)”



What’s your favorite thing about your role at TLA?

“I’ve been in Lighting sales for almost 27 years; it’s what I know and enjoy doing.”

I really do love what I do— working with distribution on stock positioning and discretionary lighting projects, calling on end users, and taking care of our customers each and every day.

Instead of taking customers golfing, I like to take them fly fishing. I often invite distributors and electrical contractors on fishing trips, and for many people, it’s their first time fly fishing. Hiring a guide to teach them has been the key to a great day on the water.



Every time we go fishing, we all catch fish and have a great time together. These are great memories for not only me but for my customers as well.

“That leads me to my favorite thing about my job. It’s the amazing community of coworkers and customers—many who are also my friends outside work.”


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I am very close to my family, who are all back in Iowa, and I visit them often. I love to fish, both fly and cast fishing.

I also love to work out, go to my cabin in the mountains, and play with my two Irish Cream Retrievers, Willow and Lilli.



What is it about TLA that’s made you stick around for a decade?

“It all started with Art Fisher, whom I had the pleasure of working for. He created a great work environment at TLA, which has continued through the leadership of Jason, Shane, and Ryan.”

TLA provides an impressive business setting—we have cool buildings to work in, excellent clients, and great manufacturers to represent. We’ve built a great atmosphere by having fun while also looking out for one another, taking care of our customers, and getting work done.

The fact that there are many family members who work for TLA is true to the heart of the company. It really feels like a family here, and we all care about the good values of life as well as work.

While I’ve had many great jobs and loved working for GE and Cooper Lighting, the TLA model feels true to my roots and how I grew up with a tight-knit family.


We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Jason on this milestone. And here’s to ten more years on Team TLA!


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