Acuity Design Select: Project Lighting and Controls Made Easy

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Acuity Design Select: Project Lighting and Controls Made Easy

Dec 20, 2023 | News & Events

For all of us working in the lighting industry, we think there’s one thing we can all agree on: Having confidence in the availability and delivery of the lighting and controls for your upcoming projects is paramount!

For those tight project timelines, we were thrilled to discover that Acuity Brands has created a way to take some of the variables out of the specifying process with their Design Select program.


We spoke to Todd Quinlan, Senior Specification Sales Manager at Acuity Brands for more insight into the program:

“Over the last few years, we saw global issues (pandemic, conflict, severe weather) affect our ability to get products to a job site. At the same time, strict electrical codes drive the need for more sophisticated lighting with embedded sensors and controls to address compatibility issues, facilitate installation, and provide an overall cost savings to the project.”

That’s where the Design Select program offers a unique advantage to specifiers and designers.

“The new Design Select program is engineered to deliver a growing portfolio of products while considering unforeseen variables that can derail the process. You can have confidence in Design Select to deliver thoughtful lighting design products in a timely way while meeting the challenges of today’s code requirements!” – Todd Quinlan, Acuity Brands


Choose the best option for you

The Design Select program offers a two-tier approach to get the right products on-site quickly:

  • Design Select Regional offers products that ship from regional US distribution facilities and are delivered within two days.
  • Design Select offers fully configurable products that ship no later than 15 days from the day of order.

The Design Select portfolio is the most popular product that can be configured to your project needs.

Check out the Design Select page, where you can easily click through the luminaires or controls products you need for your project. If you see the Design Select badge, you can trust that the product will ship in 15 days or less.

Plus, there’s an AR tool to help you visualize your space, resources for solutions by industry, as well as links to rebates.


New product additions and more on the way

We were thrilled to hear when Acuity recently announced even more additions to the program from Mark, Aculux, Gotham, Lithonia Lighting, nLight, and more, including:






Life Safety:

Plus, there are new options now available for Compact Pro™ LED High Bay (CPHB), EVO® Round Downlight (EVO2EVO4 EVO6), Incito™ 2″ Round Downlight (ICO2), and Slot LED Linear Lighting (Slot 2 & Slot 4).

But that’s not all. We can expect to see more great things from the program in the year to come.

“The Design Select program is expanding, so stay tuned to see new product families added, updates in lead time reduction, and more,” Todd said.

If you have questions about Design Select or any of the products listed above, talk to your TLA Sales Rep or send us an email.

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