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Junior Quotations Specialist/ Project Manager

This position will be based in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a Junior Quotations Specialist/Project Manager at The Lighting Agency South, one of the leading Manufactures Sales Representative Agencies in the industry.  You will actively quote projects, close sales, provide exceptional customer service, and become an intricate component of our progressive team environment.

Job Summary & Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage the incoming quotes mailbox
  • Breakdown new quote requests and distribute to appropriate parties
  • Work with the quotations department to assemble a comprehensive job folder of documents for each project
  • Managing/ Quoting projects from start to finish
  • Responsible for providing quotations to customers by coordinating bid strategy with Project Managers and Outside Sales Representatives
  • Build, update, and maintain a bill of material by reviewing plans, schedules, specification sheets, and coordinating with manufacturers to provide accurate pricing
  • Coordinates with Distribution / Contractors / Specification teams through the submittal process to finalize and clarify project requirements to ensure quality output
  • Follow up on outstanding quotations to secure orders
  • Deliver all completed documents along with purchase orders to the customer service department
  • Actively iterate and refine project management processes
  • Update and manage a project-based CRM tool

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and architectural drawings
  • Knowledge of the lighting supply chain process or have similar experience within construction material procurement.
  • Establish and maintain customer relationships, via phone and email communication
  • Highly organized
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • High understanding of computers and modern software applications (Outlook, Excel, etc.)
  • Experience with estimating and budgeting projects is a bonus

Work Style Attribute Requirements

  • Requires strong organizational and time management skills and ability to effectively multi-task
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team player with strong focus on details
  • Must possess good analytical skills and have demonstrated problem solving capability
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be able to provide clear and concise information


  • Total compensation up to $45k depending on experience
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, STD, Life Insurance
  • 401(k) with Company Match
  • All wage and benefit packages are negotiable

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Inside Sales Tech Support

The following position will be based in Denver, Colorado, as an Inside Sales Tech Support at The Lighting Agency, one of the leading Manufacturers’ Sales Representative Agencies in the Industry.

Inside Sales Tech Support

The role of the Inside Sales Tech Support will predominantly consist of supporting the outside sales personnel, their clients, and the quotes department. In addition to this, there will be opportunities to be the main point of contact for specifiers that are not assigned to an outside sales team member, with e-mail and phone being the primary method of communication.

The support and assistance you provide will include but is not limited to: Assembling Design Build packages, providing budget pricing for lighting, running point-by-point lighting calculations, building spec sheet packages, fielding inbound cold calls to the agency, and providing quarterly updates to the sales team on what’s new.

The first three months will be a training period that will provide you with a chance to learn the four main elements of the company: manufacturers represented and their products, applications and basic lighting design assistance, quotations, and customer service.

The goal is to go through this training process in a short period of time and provide a thorough overview with high-level concepts to understand the day-to-day operations.

The Inside Sales Tech Support role is designed to not only support the outside sales team and clients but also provide an opportunity to acquire a broad knowledge base of the lighting industry, the manufacturers, and the process of selling in the specification market.

Below is a breakdown of some of the main tasks that will be part of the daily routine.

Technical Support

  • Assisting the manager of inside sales with project lighting calculations. Running lighting calculations using Visual and/or AGi32
  • Answering technical questions from clients on products and projects.

Support for Outside Sales team

  • Standing as the main point of contact for all sales team members when they are not in the office.
  • Answer product questions from specifiers, including architects, engineers, lighting designers, contractors, etc.
  • Providing Design/Build proposals, lighting calculations, alternates for bids, and a variety of lighting packages tailored to the client.
  • Backup for putting together submittals for approval packages.
  • Budget pricing for specifiers, contractors, and distributors.
  • Making calls with factory representatives when needed.
  • Provide TLA showroom tours.
  • Assisting specifiers in selecting luminaires and providing lighting design ideas


  • Total compensation up to $65k depending on experience
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, STD, Life Insurance
  • 401(k) with Company Match
  • All wage and benefit packages are negotiable

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