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Browse new innovative products from our manufactures and check out what is happening at our office.

Camur by Cerno

Camur by Cerno is an American made masterpiece from southern California. Carved from solid Walnut, there are three sets of curving lines that intersect to provide a seemingly moving pendant that is hung in one stationary place. Measuring just over 56” long, it...

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UW Gateway Building

From Colorado to Wyoming, we always like to support our community! It was great to work with MKK Consulting engineers on the UW Gateway building, showcasing a variety of lighting applications and putting our manufactures to the test. Merit Electric did a great job...

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iD 3.5” + by Focal Point

iD 3.5” + by Focal Point completes the family! From large high ceiling power solutions down to a small accent light, this downlight sits right in the sweet spot of your every day solution up to 1500 lumens. Available in both round and square, the solid aluminum or die...

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Stream Oval by Prudential Lighting

Stream Oval by Prudential Lighting runs a contrail of light through any open office space, or down the center on a commanding executive conference room. Designed to have a single reflector no matter what the run length is, Stream Oval shines indirectly before casting...

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Lighting Showcase at the Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center, located in Downtown Denver was recently upgraded to showcase a wonderful light show every evening – playing off the special occasion or event in the building. TLA was very excited to be a part of this elegant and effective design by HLB. We...

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Incalmo by Artemide

Incalmo by Artemide lighting is a beautiful piece of hand blown glass that is unique every time it comes out of the Kiln. Available in two different sizes (12”, 20” height) the Incalmo provides an elegant light source perfect as a stand along or a small cluster. Add...

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